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Developer Income Report #9

My March 2011 developer income report is here. As you will see there are no much changes but the eBook sales (one more time thank you to all of you for your great feedback!). As promised to those who already bought it I will be updating this eBook as often as I will be able to help you with new information. Email notifications will be sent so you would not miss it!

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Developer Income Report #8

March is almost over so it is a high time to sum up all me income from February. In February I have spent a lot of time to start my new projects like my eBook "Make Money on Android" and iPhone applications. The first one has been finished and have already generated some income in last days of previous month. Moreover I am very happy for your great feedback about my eBook (please give me more!). The second one is still work in progress and I will have some work to be done and a lot of things to learn before building income from it.

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Developer Income Report #7

Android MacBook?It is little late as I have been busy with some projects of mine but it is already here. My another income report. This time I will sum all my independent developer income made on January. As many of you have been expecting after Christmas time there is little slow down - especially as most of my income comes from ads. And massive investing advertisers target was December. Anyway I still have made some solid income and I am investing all my time to earn even more in future months.

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Want to make money with Android? Have questions?

Update #2: My eBook has been released! You may get it from this link "Make Money on Android". Comments to this post has been closed!

Old post:

In most of my posts I am just sharing information about Android, my online income and Android market revenue. I am giving you a lot of information. As some of you have sad in your comments some are inspiring and some are just useful. This post is other than the rest. This time you won't learn anything new. This time I will ask you about something. But I will give you something in return as well. I will give you free copies of my new ebook about making money with Android (with free apps!).

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Developer Income Report #6

Another month is finished so it is the high time for the summary of my monthly income. Since this post I will be comparing my monthly income accordingly to the previous month. You will be easily seeing increase or decrease of my earnings in each of my income sources. As I have highlighted in my last report (#5) I have mainly focused on Android applications development as it is the most passive (and highest) of my income sources.

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Your Business from Garage to NASDAQ…? Don’t let your idea die!

I did it! Really! It was my first time! No... it is not my business on NASDAQ... At least not yet... It is my first time when I bought something in the world wide known online shop Amazon! It was a really nice feeling to buy something from guy who started his business in the garage! Jeff Bezos have build an amazing online business that not only gave him a steady online income but it is worth... sorry I am not sure about its value but I am sure it is worth really a lot... It was started in a garage and now it is on NASDAQ! Continue reading...

$500 online in less than 2 weeks? Method #1

I have received a lot of very positive feedback after publishing my income reports and a lot of questions about details of my money making methods. It is why I have decided to start a series of the posts with quick money making tips. I will try to share at last one method per month (so subscribe for my blog updates for more!). Most of them (if not all) will be methods that may be used by someone that have not done anything similar online and currently have no any experience in making money from the web. Today I will share with all of you one of my very successful methods that I have not been expecting to be so profitable. I have made over $500 in less than two weeks with very low traffic to my blog.

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Increase your earnings with pretty links – Part 2

Affiliate EarningsYesterday I have been writing about affiliate pretty links marketing power (right here). Today I will learn you how to set it up. And believe me that It is really easy to do.

First you will need to set up a subdomain with your hosting company (or any other that manage your DNS). Usually you may set it up with your hosting web management panel (or ask you administrator to do it). When you have you pretty subdomain you may make your redirects with .htaccess. But then you would need to set it up for each of your affiliate links. But I would not suggest such solution as it is very time consuming and hard to manage. But there is a much better way to do it! It is your own URL shortening script.

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Increase your earnings with pretty links – Part 1

Affiliate EarningsThis post is about tools that most of you have already seen somewhere in the web. But most of you have never been thinking about such simple and effective use of it. If you want to increase clicks to your affiliate links for as much as 20% - 30% with traffic you already have you should keep reading.

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How to make people click ads on your blog?

Even if you have really big traffic on your site it does not mean that you will get tons of clicks to your ads (google adsense or any other). You may believe me or not but there are a few ways you may increase clicks to your ads without breaking any ad program rules... Some people just put ads anywhere on their site and are waiting for a huge revenue. But it does not work this way. You need to know what are you doing or you will have to learn it from your own mistakes and loose a lot of time.

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