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5 steps to reorganize “Categories” on your blog

If you have started your blog in rush just like me. And you have been writing a lot of posts and have not planned your "Categories" on the beginning. One day you may notice that you may have way to much "Categories". The more you have, the less processional your blog is looking. There may be just one case when you have "hundreds" of categories. It is when your blog have no any general topic.
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How to make people click ads on your blog?

Even if you have really big traffic on your site it does not mean that you will get tons of clicks to your ads (google adsense or any other). You may believe me or not but there are a few ways you may increase clicks to your ads without breaking any ad program rules... Some people just put ads anywhere on their site and are waiting for a huge revenue. But it does not work this way. You need to know what are you doing or you will have to learn it from your own mistakes and loose a lot of time.

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