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Top 10 Articles About Blog Promotion You Should Read

How to promote my blog? How to get more traffic? What should I do to get more readers? I am sure that you ask this questions to yourself all the time. Probably it's the reason why you are reading my post. There are tons of articles about it in the Internet and I have chosen top 10 that are really worth reading.

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URL Shortening Script

Here is a demo of my url shortening script. It let your visitors to make short redirections of their very long url's (for example it is useful for twitter users where they are limited to 140 characters). Script is made to be as simple as possible. HTML is separated from PHP so it may be customized by editing one HTML file without touching any PHP code! It do not need MySQL database - all data is stored in the file system. Users are redirected by .htaccess file to desired shortcut. Additionally there is administrator backend module to manage (edit/add/delete) url shortcuts. Below you may click for demo installed on my dev server.

Url shortening script frontend

Frontend demo

Url shortening script backend

Backend demo (Login: admin, Password: demo999)

You may get a copy of this script for $30 (installation included) - contact me if interested.

Update: Free version of this script have been released. Click here for more details.

Form element name change with JavaScript and radio button

Today I have had to modify very complex script to change look of html form. It is quite easy to make changes in the form. But sometimes it is a problem to modify not to well written PHP script to receive data from new form.
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Sort VARCHAR as INT in MySQL query

If you need to sort varchar data as int, there is one very nice function in MySQL. Problem I had to solve was to sort values as below in a human logical way. Values were similar to this (and I wanted it to be sorted like below):

1; 2; 2a; 3; 4; 5; 5a; 5b; 5c; 6; 7; 11; 14; 14a; 16;

The problem was that if I put this data to MySQL database as varchar and sort by this column, MySQL returned it this way:

1; 11; 14; 14a; 16; 2; 2a; 3; 4; 5; 5a; 5b; 5c; 6; 7;
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