Subscribers Text Counter Updated to 1.6.4 (WordPress Plugin)

It is just a quick news that "Subscribers Text Counter" has been updated. Many of you have used it on your blogs but in last days the twitter counter stopped to work. In latest version it is fixed plus a few more features and fixes have been added. Below you will find complete list what have been changed in last 2 days (there was quite a few smaller updates from version 1.6 to 1.6.4).

  • new default look (you need to reset the plugin to see it)
  • easier Facebook integration (only handle/id required)
  • added WordPress Members counter
  • added YouTube counter
  • new twitter, youtube and other icons
  • fixed twitter counter
  • fixed feedburner counter
  • display settings screen only to admin
  • updated depracted code

You will find more details about the plugin on this page and download it from WordPress plugin repository. If you have not seen my plugin yet it is placed on top of my right sidebar. All comments and upgrade suggestions are welcome.

P.S.  No - I can not add Google+ counter as it is not officially supported by Google API.

5 Responses to “Subscribers Text Counter Updated to 1.6.4 (WordPress Plugin)”

  • Hello,

    the plugin doesn’t count the feedburner-reader. Can you tell me what’s wrong? See:

    Thanks a lot.

  • Looks like the version on WP is different, unless it was an error in the Version callback.
    Subscribers Text Counter 1.6.2 is what it is giving me on the WP Admin page.
    But the version info appears correct on the plugin list page.

    Noticing a few problems, I am only using the code that is already supplied in the widget and the fb link and a few others are only showing and pointing back to the webpage.

  • Hello, thank you very much for this plugin. I have a problem because I can not see twitter counters (works facebook and wordpress). I think I have correctly configured the plugin (version 1.6.4) for twitter. Has anyone else has happened?, appreciate an orientation. Site
    Thank you.

  • Hi guys,

    I was wondering if it would be possible to add the option to show multiple youtube accounts their subscriber count. I have a few channels but I’m only able to show the accurate count of one at the moment and it would be great if I could for all of them (3)


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