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Changes are here! Just as I have announced on one of my previous posts "Income Reports are dead. Long live Progress Reports!". I had to close parts of my blog from public viewing. It took me some time as I wanted to keep my blogging style where I share all those sensitive data and at the same time stop lurkers that are not serious about this business away. I think that I have found a way to do it. It is not perfect. As there are no perfect solutions. For sure many of you may be disappointed. But many will benefit - as without it I would not share any more information. So my final decision is described in below paragraph.

I will keep posting many financial information. I am planning to make some posts about LeadBolt, post new Income Reports and many more. Unfortunately parts of posts that contain sensitive data will be restricted and available to my premium members only (those who bought my "Make Money on Android" eBook). So how to create an account? There are 3 possible situations:

  • If you bought my eBook in last months you have registered an account on this blog (it was required to download).
  • If you bought it earlier and have not asked for the update yet - please contact me with your transaction id and I will create an account for you.
  • If have not bought it previously you still can purchase it and create an account.

Moreover most of my previous posts have already been "filtered" from sensitive data (For ex. "Annual Developer Income Report"). Instead of my financial data and most sensitive tips, not logged in users will see this when big part of data was filtered:

Post part no available for public viewing!
To view this content please LOG IN.

You may create new account by purchase of
"Make Money on Android" eBook.

or in shorter parts this:


To see all post content you need to log in to the website. List of all filtered posts is available in the Premium section of this blog.


I like to have conclusion in most of my posts. So here it is... unfortunately my decision will limit amount of visitors interested in my posts... but from the other side I will keep posting all sensitive data that many of you really like. Moreover I am going to blog on much more regular basis that I used to. But don't worry! I will still be posting many not financial/sensitive data on the public part of my blog! So hope that all of you will stay with me and my rss feed. Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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