Monthly Archive for April, 2012

LeadBolt: is it worth to implement?

If you want very short answer I can tell you on the beginning on this post. Yes! It is definitely worth to implement LeadBolt on your Android apps! I was very afraid before done it and had a lot of doubts. I was afraid of reaction of my users. I was afraid of bad comments. I was afraid of loosing downloads. After some experimenting now I know that there is a bad and good way of doing it. Moreover at all I have tripled my daily income from ads.

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Income Reports are dead. Long live Progress Reports!

Some big changes are coming. As most of you could notice there was no Income Report on my blog since the beginning of the year. There are many reasons that have stopped me from publishing my total money income on monthly basis. But the most important is that it have created many "copy&paste" followers without their own ideas. It is really sad that so many people prefer to steal the idea, graphics, descriptions and make just a few bucks with some unpopular copy. In most cases it does not give them real profit, but tens of copies of my apps on the market are not comfortable for me. If they would think just a little, they could make some unique and really profitable apps. But for many developers it looks easier to copy everything. They are able to copy so they could produce some awesome apps (as they have enough knowledge to build an app). But thinking seems to painful for them. That's just the reason that has unmotivated me from showing all of the money income sources directly.

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