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Hello! My name is Chris (aka KreCi) and I am independent developer making a living from mobile, web & software development, website flipping & freelancing.

I work with individuals and companies (small business to corporate) worldwide, providing quality development services.

I am working hard to make a steady income and I can help you to find your way to work as a developer.

I don't know any magic formula to make huge money without any work involved but I will help you to find income sources and tell you how to work smarter (based on my personal experience).

If you need help with your website/software development please subscribe to my blog via rss or follow me on twitter as I have a lot more to say...


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  • The xray scanner is so believable,
    that’s what makes it so much fun!

  • Found your blog through WP-Stats app for android. I quickly learned we have very similar agendas! I am a .NET developer (although played with some android dev) and webmaster. I am currently building out a range of million dollar domains and was wondering if you had any advice since you seem to be becoming pretty successful at your goals.

    I have about 30 very good, solid, and coveted aged .com domains that are perfect for keywords. They are ranking very high in google although I dont have any relative content on them. I am looking to temporarily monetize these domains as I build out more permanent internet homes. I believe one of the domains was sandboxed by Google because I went from a few hundred unique visitors to 0. Obviously when it comes out of its box it should rank relatively higher then before. I dont have a lot of time for filling them with quality content, what else would you recommend I do? I have basically launched a bunch of WordPress blogs with a little bit of content but mainly just watching statistics to see what sites I should build out first.

    Thx! By the way, I cant get WP-Stats to work its saying unable to connect to stats.wordpress.com. I am running Samsung Galaxy on 2.1.


  • Hi it’s very nice to read yours post about android app income.

    I am starting with android app programming last 3 months and for now it is good but not good enough.

    But as you write “Believe me it is my best job ever!” me to thinks so :)

    Android app programming is most closes way of life as imagine “Life as/and for programming”

  • Hi KreCi,

    I am Jay. I have been a great lover of the posts you have on this blog…!

    I am a Java Developer of age just 22. I want to develop my career in Java and Mobile Device. Also I am thinking of having freelancing as a part time career. Would you like to provide me some guidance. I will be thankful to you…

  • hi dude,

    I like ur about me page i am looking for content because i am developing my blog i will use some of content from your about me page, i am also a .net developer and on ur way trying to do all the thing which ur doing , keep going boss i am following u.

  • Hi kreci i need a android mini project to be done, please reply me if you can help me, ill send you the specification.

  • Hi KreCi,
    This is Teria.I am a java developer from Taiwan.It is very nice to see your passage about make money.Now,I am a student.I hope that I can contact with you and learn more developing skill from you!

  • Hi KreCi, I have some app ideas which I think will be very useful but i can’t develop my own app as i don’t have any programming knowledge. I’ve thought of hiring a developer but it didn’t work out very well, now I am thinking of selling my ideas. What do you think?

    You can mail me: ************@***********.com

  • Seems someone is trying to use your application’s popularity and he published almost identical copy of your application. Here is a link…

    All apps published by this “developer” are were probably developed by others.

  • Hi it’s very pleasure to read yours post about android app.

    I am a java developer from ZheJiang ,China.
    I will study to develop android app programming .
    I think that your pasage is very helpful for me ,thank you kreci

  • It only takes that one little idea to make a great app that can send sales through the roof and make a lot of money. Think about what you’d love to have and build something to fill that need. That’s what I’ve done with my phone app development and had great success. Good luck.

  • Self employement can be the best and the worst job sometimes :) But I agree that most people enjoy it, like myself. I couldn’t be happier with my current situation, but I must admit: it requires great discipline. Anyway, I wish only the best to you and your business

  • I live in Ukraine. Beginner developer.

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