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Gave up a day job! Now what? – Report number 0 – Part 2

Here it is! My report number 0 - part 2! My first part of report (it was posted here) got too long so I decided to split it into two parts. As most of you already know, this report  won't be about my income, as I have just started my online business. You will need to wait until end of March to get any earnings numbers. Anyway I hope it will be interesting for you and I would very appreciate your feedback in the comments. So let's start my report.

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Gave up a day job! Now what? – Report number 0

I have promised my readers in my last post (I gave up a day job to make a living from online income!) a report number 0 about my situation after giving up my day job. My previous post got a lot of attention and comments from you. Most of them were very motivating and helpful. You have given me a lot of valuable tips about running my own one person company. Big Thanks to all of you! As I have told you in my last post here is my report number ZERO (at least part 1). It is being written before official launch of my online business. So I won't write anything about any income (yeah... I know most of you are disappointed but I have warned about it in my previous post). Fortunately it won't be just a few boring thoughts of mine as it will lead to some numbers (in part 2) and some interesting facts.  So here it is, my report number 0.

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I gave up a day job to make a living from online income!

It is over a month ago since I have decided to gave up my day job. According to law we have in Poland I had to stay at work for one full month since first day of the following month (little complicated but it is how it works in Poland). With the end of the February 2010 I will be officially unemployed... But only for one day - till first of March - as I have registered myself as a self employed (created my own one person company).

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