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Gave up a day job! Now what? – Report number 0 – Part 2

Here it is! My report number 0 - part 2! My first part of report (it was posted here) got too long so I decided to split it into two parts. As most of you already know, this report  won't be about my income, as I have just started my online business. You will need to wait until end of March to get any earnings numbers. Anyway I hope it will be interesting for you and I would very appreciate your feedback in the comments. So let's start my report.

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Gave up a day job! Now what? – Report number 0

I have promised my readers in my last post (I gave up a day job to make a living from online income!) a report number 0 about my situation after giving up my day job. My previous post got a lot of attention and comments from you. Most of them were very motivating and helpful. You have given me a lot of valuable tips about running my own one person company. Big Thanks to all of you! As I have told you in my last post here is my report number ZERO (at least part 1). It is being written before official launch of my online business. So I won't write anything about any income (yeah... I know most of you are disappointed but I have warned about it in my previous post). Fortunately it won't be just a few boring thoughts of mine as it will lead to some numbers (in part 2) and some interesting facts.  So here it is, my report number 0.

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