WordPress K2 theme and problem with comments (solution)

Since I have upgraded a WordPress to version 2.8 I have seen new comments counted by Akismet plugin but nothing in spam queue nor any comments to approve. It looked very strange for me!

I have logged out from my blog admin and tried to post a comment. After submitting it I saw a blank page!

The worst thing was that I have not found any solutions in google (and people say that google always knows the answer :)) – so I decided to upgrade K2 Theme… But there is now new release on their main page!

But wait! There is a solution! (or I would not write this post :)) After some googling (ok… please forget what I wrote about google before… :D) I have found K2 nightly build subpage… All you need to do to fix this issue is to upgrade K2 with nightly build. It can be downloaded from: http://getk2.com/nightly/.

I have decided to download last RC8 version (k2-1.0-RC8-revision-807-2009-07-13.zip). And now you can test if comments are working again :)

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