Learn to make comments not spam!

I am not going to learn you how to write good comments as I am not a copywriter and I am not going to be. But like many of you I am really tired of getting hundreds of spammy comments. You may say that I should install anti spam plugin... I have great WP-SpamFree plugin and probably some of you use Akismet that is more than enought for most spam robots. But that's not the point!

Don't get me wrong! I love your comments!

Like most of bloggers I love to get comments to my articles. But a lot spammers that just want to increase their link popularity don't care about comment content. All they care about is their link exposure. I have collected some spammy comments from my blogs to give you example.

Let's start from some "great post" classic...

Spammers think it is so universal that they can fit it anywhere! I have a news for them. They can't! One of my music blogs that have only YouTube videos gets tons of it and it don't fit the content. Here are "great" examples:

I’m really impressed with your article, such great information you mentioned here, thanks for your sharing and waiting to see your future posts.

It would sound really nice that someone is impressed with my great information. But is YouTube movie with singing guy a great information??? What is most specific for such comments there is no any refer to anything that article have been telling about. Here are more examples:

This is a great post. Thanks for the useful pointers.

Ok... nice... but what pointers? It was comment to quick note post about new version of my script. And here is another one from the series:

Really wonderful piece of information and I appreciate it that you share something so useful with the readers of this blog.

Ok... but still what was the point of this comment??

It looks that spammers like my blog...

Hey, I found your blog  while searching on Google your post looks very interesting for me. I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

Someone like my blog... that's cool. But what about post topic? I won't even mention about spammy link attached to this comment.

Your post was great but just check my product...

Some of spammers are really impudent... One standard link in comment is not enough. They need to put more in comment content:

really nice post, just wish you to check out FOO, like BAR.

It must be real spammy talent... One comment and three links! Let's say that these products are related to my post (it wasn't), but why I found same comment on three of my blogs to totally different posts? Here is another one:

nice blog i think that thanks to your blog now every body can make his blog on the right way.
maybe on your next posting you will be able to talk more on email marketing software (link removed)

Maybe I could talk more about your unknown product... But how is it related to my post about building new blog? And one more:

Great website.. Nice, thx 4 the info..

Totally not related

Some of spammers think that if they are so smart to not be caught by antispam filters they can post anything! Who cares about being on topic today... I can say you who cares. Real users who make real comments. Here are some examples:

Hello. This application was very good. I want your success.

Ok. I am developer... I make some applications... But hey... why is it under "How to start your own blog?" post? And here is another one:

now I’ll be in touch..

What is he telling about?? Have we met before or he want to invite me for a date? I think that my wife would be against it... So sorry Dear Spammer I can't (but I must admit your spam link to google group was pretty creative). Here is one more totally unrelated:

For someone new with little experience?

This was for "Top 10 Articles About Blog Promotion You Should Read". There are two possibilities. He has not known english so it does not sound too well to post content or he wanted to exposure his spammy porn link! That is very mysterious case... Anyone know the answer...? Cause it is so hard to me to guess and I don't know if I should approve it... LOL.


Next time when you will want to comment just think a while about it and bring some value to the post. It may take just a few seconds more - but this way you build a relationship with blog owners that is worth much more than "no follow" link in spammy comment. Any (not too spammy) comments to this post are really welcome :) Tell me about your experience with spammy comments.

6 Responses to “Learn to make comments not spam!”

  • I have to watch out. My comments sometimes tend to sound spammy if I can’t think of good words to say. I mean, exactly why is a blog post good? But I realize you are dealing with automated spam services. I would like a post on how those automated spam things work. Anyway, this is excellent.

  • that’s a problem with the comments- I have a blog too- and mostly, around 95% – spam, as we can call it- some of it completely brutal, the people are not even writing comments- links- the rest comments made up for my article- and i understand that

    • Yes… you are right Alex. Unfortunately most of comments are spam. It is why I have written this post. But with a good antispam plugin (I have mentioned in this article) you will get rid of most comments with just links. And more posts you write more good comments you may expect. Thanks for this valuable and not spammy comment.

  • Im a blogger, and i dont like to spam other blog since i dont like beiong spammed. but sometimes when i want to comment in other blog my comment is detected as spam. lol

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