How to make people click ads on your blog?

Even if you have really big traffic on your site it does not mean that you will get tons of clicks to your ads (google adsense or any other). You may believe me or not but there are a few ways you may increase clicks to your ads without breaking any ad program rules... Some people just put ads anywhere on their site and are waiting for a huge revenue. But it does not work this way. You need to know what are you doing or you will have to learn it from your own mistakes and loose a lot of time.

I. Optimize you ads.

Some time ago google have posted on their blog a nice article about optimal ads placement. Below is picture that was posted on their site:

Optimal ads placement by Google

But you must know that there is no such thing as best place for any ad on any blog! Treat your visitors the way that you want to be treated. If you are too offensive they will close web browser before read any content and of course you will get no clicks to your ads! You have to experiment with multiple ad formats and locations to see what works best with your web site traffic.

There are a few rules you should follow:

  1. Make sure that your ads fit subject you write about.
  2. Choose a bold color for title of the ad to make it seen by your readers.
  3. Remember that too flashy ads are ignored by most users - make them fit your website.
  4. Put your ads in places that most readers will stop reading for a while (after some great idea, conclusion). Places they want think or test this what you have written.
  5. Choose one of the strategies described below to make your content work for you.

II. Make your content work for you!

There are a few strategies to follow when you are writing content for you blog. Some may sound little funny and some are harder to use but it really works! You may choose other strategy for each of your next three posts and test what makes your visitors clicking most ads.

Strategy No 1 - the hardest one

Make your content so informative and interesting that it would change life of your visitors (or at last give solution to problem they want to resolve). If they love your article so much, most of them will want to say thank you. Some of them will write stupid comments "thanks", "great article", "I love you..." etc. that bring nothing interesting to subject of your post and won't let you earn a buck... But some smarter ones know what the ads are for and would click them for saying: "thanks - great content, you should make living of writing such a great posts!"...

Strategy No 2 - not as hard

Check what interesting people are talking about on social networking websites. Write short interesting articles about it. But don't put to much information in it! Write only some brief most interesting facts and make people say "Hey... what an interesting subject... but I want to know more...". Make sure that your ads fit topics you write about. People will click to find more information. In this strategy you can't put any links to additional resources or people will choose to click it instead of your ads.

Strategy No 3 - probably the easiest one...

Make very interesting titles for your articles. But make content as boring as possible. Make them long and hard to read. Do not format it, do not use lists, paragraphs. Make people scream "Let me out of here!!!". They will want to leave your site as soon as possible. Unfortunately some of them will close web browser with your site and will want to immediately forget about your article but... some of really bored visitors will click anything they see to leave your site and run away, the farer the better. If you will have some luck they would click your ads and you will get your revenue...

Third one may sound like a joke but I have used to visit a few blogs in my life that are using it! It really made me click the ad to find anything that may be more interesting that visited blog! Let me know what is working best for you and good luck with using it on your blog!

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  • Ha.. ha .. very funny. I read #3 seriously. Thanks for sharing this, i will try your tips.

  • like it a lot, point 3 sounds silly at first but makes a lot of sense when you consider what it is that you’re wanting your end user/reader to do.

  • Well, I disagree with that number 3 tips, one important thing about your ads being clicked is the traffic, and building reputation on the web as well as good content is as essential thing on having good traffic.

  • I have seen strategy #3 at work more than once actually.

    I’m going for a mix of #1 and #3 ;-)

  • very Interesting Post. It can helpful for all the users those are running ads on their blogs and sites. I think your 3 point is perfect, because users bored with your post and attract on the ads and click on the ads. By it you can get more clicks but it needs interesting ads related to topic.

  • You are so right about the flashy ads! I always ignore them because they drive me nuts!

  • The second strategy ” Strategy No 2 – not as hard” is really informative for me , i will follow it now.. good post ..just going to say thanks :)

  • I’ve always found that the more on-topic your content is, the better the ads will be matched. If you do not chop and change subject matter, you will get better matched ads, and probably more clicks.

  • You’re right, the number of times I have visited a blog or even a standard website and been bombarded by block ads is huge.

    Another way of generating revenue is by using text affiliate links rather than the block ads. Just make sure the visitor knows that the link is going to take them off your site by setting it out something like “click here to buy **the product** at Amazon”. Nice, discreet and also can be very profitable.

  • I think you are completely on target about ad placement. There is no formula, right or wrong! It definitely depends on the readers, and what type of blog you have. If everything was set up the same it would be boring and expected. Also, I have been blasted by advertisements so bad that I have closed a window without reading any content.. Anyway. Right on. Great write up on the subject.

  • Ad placement is really important but also the adds need to be something that appeals to the type of person that you think reads your blog.

  • There are a lot of things to think about when putting ads on blogs. i think what is mentioned in the text has made parts of the priciples clear. it is worthwhile to have a try.

  • I don’t have ads on my blog – but I find that whenever I do click on an ad, it’s almost always an accident. For the times that I have ever willingly clicked on an ad, it’s either because it just so happened to be a promotion for a service I needed, or the ads were incorporated so well into the blog that it actually looked like a non-ad link.

  • Very helpful tips. In addition, one should also take time to learn about search engine and social media optimization.

  • I have a few site out there with ads on them. I have had my good share in testing with ad placements and such…

    I have on adblock (big square) just under my heading. (there are 3 – 6 lines of text just below the heading then the ad block.

    On right hand sidebar I have one link unit.

    That is all ads I show on my pages!

    I use the default google colour scheme for my ads.
    My article text colour is slightly off black (but not too light
    to read). Some of my site have 3 / 4 pics just under heading realted to my content.

    I now use this template for all my sites. My sites are static html pages. I could not find a nice WP ad optimized theme yet and I”m too busy building new stating html sites to create a wp theme myself.
    My target is to have 100 static html optimised sites, then only will I look into creating an ad optimised word press theme.
    I’m almost at my target.

    My CTR is high. (double figures) for all my ad sites by using my static html template.

  • I always find ads that have “FREE” displayed receive the most Click Thrus. Also make sure the ad you want clicked the most stands out, but at the same time does not appear too tacky.

  • Make the ads relevant. Check out the ads at (not affiliated in any way). If you’ll notice, it’s very content relative and compares prices for the shoppers. Ads like that will get more clicks than say adsense clicks.

  • thanks a lot
    i like it a lot, point 3 sounds silly at first but makes a lot of sense when you consider what it is that you’re wanting your end user/reader to do.

  • traffic just traffic if you have like 10000 visitors a day no matter where you have ads poeple will click it..if you have like 100 and best placed adds it is useles

  • LOL.. I like the tips number 3.. Yup! I do visit the website or blog that weird and boring.. Lastly I click where that make me interested to leave that website.

  • Third one is the most interesting tip : ) Thanks for sharing! I will try this one day ;)

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