Increase your earnings with pretty links – Part 1

Affiliate EarningsThis post is about tools that most of you have already seen somewhere in the web. But most of you have never been thinking about such simple and effective use of it. If you want to increase clicks to your affiliate links for as much as 20% - 30% with traffic you already have you should keep reading.

I will start with an example. Have you ever seen a great offer on some website (blog or any other) that you were interested in and you wanted to read more about it or even spend a few bucks... but when you put your mouse over a link to more info you have saw something like this:

When you saw it you have thought: "hey... is someone earning on me? Why should I give any $ to stranger???". Then some of you just copy & paste beginning of such URL to web browser address bar or even close the offer that were looking so great for him/her a few seconds ago.

Doesn't it sound familiar to you? Even if you are not such kind of person, a lot of your web site visitors is thinking this way! Stop loosing your traffic, your clicks and your earnings! When you post some great offer you must be sure that everyone that may be interested in it will at least hit a target site.

Very often it is much easier for a lot of people spend their money for the product they like than even think about spending anything to a middle man. But you deserve your commission and there is a very easy way to make sure that you will get money for all referred sales. Even those made with copy & paste maniacs.

As you may notice my main domain is "". I have a few subdomains for things that I want to be recognized as a part of my network and my brand. People feel that when they click on links with my subdomain they don't leave my websites. Do you remember previous link? What about changing it to something like this:

It is much more friendly and better looking than previous one... isn't it? And there is an additional message for a person that would click it... it is recommended by KreCi. Web site visitor may think that he will get more info there... and it is looking really trustfully! You don't feel like getting thousands of popups under such link, do you? With first link you probably wouldn't be so sure about it...

How to do it? Visit my site tomorrow. Part 2 have been posted here. I will learn you in it how to set it up in no more than 3 minutes!

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