How to make people tweet your message with one click?

TwitterIf you want your web site visitors tweet your own message there is a much better way than tell them to copy and paste it on their twitter home page. You may make a great looking link to click. When they will click it they will be redirected to twitter with your message pasted in their "What are you doing?" message box. Of course you can not trick them to tweet whatever you want as they will still have to click "update" button.

It is great way to promote your webpage, some links or any other news. You may make any link. More or less visible. For example it may look like this nice little blue bird:


Click on it to test it. Don't forget to hit "update" button :-) . You do not need any plugins, additional applications or anything more than a few second to generate a link.

I will show you how to do it on example of above bird. First you need to prepare text that you want to be tweeted by your web site visitors. In my example it is this text:

Learn to make people tweet you message with one click

When you will have your message prepared. You will have to encode it to get right of characters unsupported in links. You may do it with this URL Decoder/Encoder. Just paste your message and hit "Encode". My message after this process looks like this:

Ok you are almost done. Now please add "" before your encoded text. So it would look like this:

Congratulations! You've got it! Your link is ready! You may copy and paste it on your webpage. If you use any CMS like joomla or WordPress you just have to put in in appreciate form as a link. In standard HTML page it should look like this (with our pretty bird image):

<a title="Tweet my blog!" href="">
  <img src="tmb.gif" alt="Tweet my blog!" />

It would be great if you link to your usage example in the comments. If you haven't yet, please Tweet My Blog now (Thank you!).

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