Developer Income Report #9

My March 2011 developer income report is here. As you will see there are no much changes but the eBook sales (one more time thank you to all of you for your great feedback!). As promised to those who already bought it I will be updating this eBook as often as I will be able to help you with new information. Email notifications will be sent so you would not miss it!

How is it going now...?

In the meantime I am making some experiments with building a brand new (not junky as some of you have commented but valuable) website. I want to gather as much search engine traffic as possible to build some steady AdSense and Amazon income. If you have not read it yet you may check my post about Building AdSense/Amazon website. As I may see it now in about a month since I started that project, the experiment was worth the effort. Update with details will be posted soon (next week).

Anything new...?

This time I will not give you too much background information as I am constantly working on same projects. I want to make all of them serious income streams or get rid of it before starting anything new. I have decided to do it such way as currently I have too much to do according to time that I can spend working. If all of my current projects will give me serious income I will hire more freelancers to help me with those. But until then I really need to do most of work by myself.

Here are my last month numbers...

So here is this what all of you are really waiting for. Summary of my last month (March 2011) income stream. As usual I will post the number with difference to the previous month.

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In total in March I have earned ...[PLEASE LOG IN TO READ]... So it looks to be one of my best months! March does not seem to special as this is just one of ordinary months without any holidays. But it might be the case that people were to bored with they daily duties and they have been searching some fun in the Android applications.

What are my future plans...?

As I have been writing on the beginning of this post I am still working on my current projects. I am adding a lot of new posts to my Android Tablets blog and two other experimental websites that I do not want to go public on this blog yet. You may expect the report from my works the next week.

I still have in plans and have started some new Android applications and one is in work for the iPhone. But still have not enough time to finish all of it. I am trying to work hard and still have some time for my wife and my kid (You may be very surprised as I have not mentioned it before but I have a pretty 2 years old girl).

I am in doubt if I should continue sharing my income reports as some of the people has copied my ideas and done exactly same applications/websites. I love to inspire people as I have described in my previous report. But I hate when someone steals my work... So in such situation pros of sharing my knowledge are strongly undervalued by cons. If you want to support me in writing my income reports please share my story wherever you can (twitter, Facebook, HN, Reddit, delicious and so on...). I will be really glad for it!


Working at home is not as easy as it may seem as you have much more other things in your head that often sounds a lot more interesting than a work. But as you may see from the numbers I have almost tripled my monthly day job earnings! So I am on the path that I wanted to go when I have stared writing my income reports.

If you still want to be updated about my successes or failures... Please subscribe my RSS Feed, follow twitter or Facebook account! All comments are very welcome and strongly desired!

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  • no! keep income reports coming, they are inspiring.

    • Thanks good to hear that. For some they are inspiring as I wrote. Unfortunately for others it looks like a chance for some easy copy&paste money…

      • You’ll sure find a way not to share too much insight into “stealeable” ideas/products.

        In your case I’d rather try to outsource the development of an iPhone application, especially if it’s gonna be related to one of your Android ones (ie, it’s easier to explain what you want to a freelancer). Here I’m assuming you don’t have experience in iPhone development, I might be wrong!

  • Please keep writing you are a huge inspiration for me. It takes a lot of guts to write your earning.

    I am from Pakistan and love your blog …

  • tnx dude for your posts =)

  • Keep up the good work! We are similar to you, around the same income per month. Focused almost in Android, we are now making an iphone application and in the future go for a facebook application (we had some adventure but it failed).


  • Thanks for sharing! How much traffic did you have on your site in March to make 74.78€ with Ad Sense?
    I just started a blog and I was making 1$ a month :p so I decided to remove the ads until I get a decent amount of traffic.

  • Congrats on your success. What is the Android app you wrote (I ended up here from Hacker News so haven’t read past entries)?

  • Figure out how much you lose when you publish your numbers, and then sell your numbers as a report for loss_amount/projected_sales. That way, those of us who really appreciate this knowledge will still have access to it, and you will offset any loss of income from sharing these numbers.

  • Any good idea is worth doing, you’ll always have competition and you aren’t the first to start doing this type of work and you won’t be the last. However what I feel like you are doing is setting yourself apart and I haven’t seen anybody posting their progress or income on how much they are making. I gave up on the AdSense since I didn’t make enough money and it didn’t seem worth my time. But to see you doing this makes me motivated and it’s good to see others making good money.

    I think you keeping a log like this actually sets you apart from many others and I think you’ll have a future in writing another ebook in how you came to be making a lot more then +803 a month in profits one day.

    If you find yourself the only one doing something, you may want to reassess if there’s a reason why nobody else is doing it. Most would like to think they are the first, when that wouldn’t be the case. Most have tried the “niche” market and found no money to be made. Do the fishermen fish where there are no fish? or do they both attempt to wake up earlier then the other to get the good spots. That is what you focus on. Always providing something better then your competition. I have not seen all your sites and work, I clicked on a ad for ya and helped generate traffic to your sites. Just because of this months blog you have. So keep up the good work, I think you’ll be making alot more money in no time. Kudos.

  • It’s my first time here, very cool! Thanks for sharing!
    As someone who is learning to code with aspirations of doing so independently financial information is very helpful!
    Please post the name of your apps!!! I know you have them in the coding section of your page, but I probably won’t bother to look (no offense, I hope, I own no android devices).

    Thanks for this post! Keep em coming!

  • Been following these reports for a while now and it’s great to see an honest voice on this subject. Way too many people sensationalize the working from home gig and it’s really refreshing to get some honest go goodness numbers on how it really is for us developers up there.

    Looking forward to the next installment! :D

  • I have got inspired from your blog and developed three apps till now for android:-
    1)- Search Answers
    2)- Frost Wiper
    3)- Alloy Wheelz

    All are free applications as me from India cant publish Paid Apps
    All are with admob.,, my earnings are very slowly increasing though.. but still they get me hope,,
    Looking Forward to buying your Ebook

  • I looked at your Android Tablets site and noticed that you publish an article sometimes 3 times per day and sometimes nothing for weeks.

    What determines the frequency? Is it google alerts? Also do you have to hire a freelancer for each article or do you have a guy on a “x articles per month” type of contract? Does this freelancer have write access to your site or does he/she sends you the article and you post it?

    Sorry, if it’s been covered before.

  • Can you tell me how much time did you spent on taking photos for istock and why don’t you shoot more because it seems like pretty steady income?

  • Can you tell me how many request, impression, clicks in your apps per month?
    My apps have total 3,500,000 requests/month and fill rate about 70%. I had 20,000 clicks/month but revenue only 350$. Admob revenue is too low. I think I should earn more with 20,000 clicks/month.

  • Have you ever thought about integrating Flattr in your Blog to make some money?

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the inspiring posts about Android Developer income, I will drop by here from time to time to see, how you are doing.

  • Hi, I just found your blog today, and since I am thinking about becoming and Android developer, I find it extremely useful!
    I have some questions, I wonder if you can help me: I want to know if when you register in android market, you need to have a formal company, what I mean is, if you can begin just being a developer without company, without any formal company papers… I know you have to pay taxes in any country, but I dont know the process to begin. Related to than, and sorry for this lame question, but how do you get payed for your ads? do you just give a paypal account? how do you do it “legally” correct? I hope it does not bother you to answer this stupid questions, but since your blog gives so much information to beginers, may be you can help me.
    Thanks a lot

  • I’m from Italy and this is my first time on your blog, I wanna say thanks to god to bring me here XD I love your blog! And I want to buy your ebook to try make some money :D


  • Please continue doing this report! They convinced me to buy your book and make some money with Android apps. But let me ask you a question, I hope you will reply to it:

    Is it difficult make money with Android? Of course I mean after reading your book? :)

    Of course as a start it should suffice also 500$ per month :)

    Pls reply this question ;=)


  • Wow…your income is really improving! We like the fact you’re so open and honest about your revenue, where it comes from, etc. I especially like the fact you’re doing so well with Android Apps. (Aside from being a huge Android fan myself, I wish I knew how to develop apps as well!)

    We’ve just started a blog where we provide income reports as well, based on niche websites and monetized via AdSense. Take a look and let us know what you think!

    Best of luck!

  • I noticed that with your recent Add push modification, you get lots of one star ratings and people seem to really not like it. Dont you think that in the long run your reputation as a developer is getting damaged?

    I feel you earn money by providing adds but not earning money by providing benefit and great applications to the customer. I am earning USD 300 per day on normal paid apps on Android without any Adds and have an average of 4.8 ratings.

    I dont want to criticize your business model but just give some food for thought that there are other models as well that can earn good money on Android.

    By the way, I do enjoy reading your blog. Just felt to give a different perspective.

    • Thank you for your comment. Until last days I have not been allowed to publish paid apps on Google Play and my model is simple free apps with ads. For those LeadBolt fits very well. I will not integrate LeadBolt with more complicated apps that the main purpose is upselling paid version.

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