Developer Income Report #15

As stated in my previous income report my earnings from Android apps development is getting much higher. Mostly because of last discovered method of increasing app visibility that has been described in last update of my eBook. As you may read in lastly published post called "Android Success Stories" and in many comments under my income reports and other posts about my eBook - that methods really works! This time I will sum up all my income made on September 2011. As you may see it is another great month. Let's start!

September Income Summary

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It looks that in total in the month of September 2011 my income was ...[PLEASE LOG IN TO READ]...!

So it looks that I have correctly chosen income streams that should be taken care the most! I am slowly giving up the ones that are not as profitable and moving mostly to Android! It is another monthly record beaten! And as mentioned before it is not my last word as the income from Android apps will be even higher next month! So I can say it again. It was my best month ever!

What's next?

I am working on updates to my current apps and new apps are almost ready to be published. In my previous plans I have been thinning about writing apps for iOS. I have even bought the Macbook. Now I am thinking about giving that idea up and my Macbook will be for sale soon. I have decided to be more focused on Android platform and in future I will consider outsourcing my apps to be moved to iOS.

I need your support!

If you want to keep me writing my next income reports I need your support! I would be very glad if you could spread this article everywhere where you can. Up-vote it on HN, Reddit. Share it on twitter and Facebook! I need as much attention as possible! Popularity made me some problems and only stronger popularity may overcome it... Thank you and stay with me via RSS, Facebook or twitter channels!

34 Responses to “Developer Income Report #15”

  • Hello,
    what Mac do you have? Maybe you can write a post for Android developers about iPhone developing (some like tuturial)?

  • Very nice progress! Your blog is very motivating. I am studying software engineering and i have been learning android for few months now. I am also trying to get some income from advertisements. Nothing big yet but the income is rising every month.

    Are you only using Admob or do you use some other ad-network aswell?
    I just implemented leadbolt to one of my applications. Do you have any experience with leadbolt?

  • Great Job! Your Android income has continually grown month after month and is great motivation to all developers out there.

    This most has tipped me over the edge and I’ll be purchasing your ebook soon.

  • Hi,

    Do you have any clue, what makes your app appear high in the search results on Android Market? I made a quick application mainly for learning purposes, (Guns Collection) which in the first week appeared as second in the Android Market when searching for “guns”. But after a week, for some reason its position dropped by so much, that it is right now on the second page of results when searching on the website, and it doesn’t appear at all on the Market on the phone. What would be Your advice? Should I concentrate more on the quality? Or change something in the description? Maybe it would be clever to forget about this app and start from the beginning with something better? This first week was promising in terms of money. Now it is much worse.
    Let me add that I bought Your e-book lately. It was worth the money!

    • There are a few factors. Some I have described in my eBook. Moreover it is important to get good reviews or you will loose your position very fast… So you need to have good apps to stay on top for a longer run…

  • I pray for your great. May you keep earning like this in future.

    And thanks a lot for you being bold enough to post the income reports online.

    I am your regular visitor and a huge follwer.

  • Hi KreCi,

    Why are you giving up the idea of iOS development? Is there much difference from Android development and requires a lot of time to learn and develop?
    Don’t you think publishing your current Apps in AppStore can increase your income?


    • ;) It’s more expensive:

      -you must have mac(KreCi have)
      -you must pay $100 yearly

      -you must have good and usefull apps, Apple can’t accept another cracked screen/x-ray scanner or shitty mini apps for play fun sounds…

      -after you make good app, apple can reject without any reason

    • As I have written before it looks that new apps on Android is a better idea (and outsourcing iPhone). As it would take me a lot of time to do all of this by myself.

  • Hi KreCi, what ad network are u using? Admob? Moblix? Other ? ;)

  • I would definitely go with outsourcing.

    With very little investment you can get talented offshore developers on oDesk that will duplicate your droid apps to iOS. It should be really easy especially if you have the source code (and if you used a cross platform framework it will take half the time).

    It has the potential to double your revenues (especially since iOs seems to be more profitable than Android in most cases), and in an almost a passive way.

    btw, I find that aside from the actual development, the thing that takes up the most time with iOS apps is dealing with xcode/sdk setup, app store submission, etc… So outsourcing can take the hassle out of that too.

    • Thanks Adam for all info about setting up the iOS sdk. I have done it on my Mac but have stopped just after that. And now I agree with you about the outsourcing as it would take me a lot of time to rewrite everything (as I have never done anything on iOS before).

  • btw, the iStock income is very interesting. I think a post about that could really be a hit – there aren’t a lot out there with good tips (like what type of pics sell best, etc).

  • Congratulations on your success, Chris!

    Regarding the income you’re receiving from your Android apps ads, how many apps do you have out there to generate that kind of income?

    Keep up the great work and thank you for keeping us up to date! :)

  • Great income again! Now after buying your book my income started to rise but nothing like you :) I get about 5$ a day now but will publish my second game this week! It really seems better and for sure less effort to create a simple app instead of a game to earn money ;)

  • Very well done. I find your website motivating and I love your style. I am a statistician whose hobby is mobile device. I just got started last weekend. Got everything setup. Purchased the books you recommended. When I got my first app finished, I will purchased your ebook to support you! Thanks.

  • I like and will be spreading the word amongst my many readers. I’ll be writing an article about your success soon.

  • hi kreci i am really fond of your post and finding my self interested
    in app development. I also want to no about istockphoto. I want to no that what kind of photos de they accept. I have submitted request 3 times and uploaded the picks but rejected all the time. Please guide my kreci regarding this issue.

  • Dear KreCi, it seems like the real money actually comes from the non-app activity. It is really hard nowadays to get even 100 downloads per day, I once saw a possibility to really make money through developing app for android but now due to the competition it is not a good idea to do so anymore. However, if we set up a tutorial blog teaching Android users how to create their own app then maybe we can make some good money from there, what do you think about this?

    • I still believe and see that best money is in mobile app development and it will be my most important niche with the highest priority like for now.

      • How about creating application for desktop? I believe desktop app is more profitable than android app. You will need like 100K Android app users to make 2~3k per month but you make more than that with 100K users for desktop app, don’t you agree with me?

        • But it is easier to get 100k downloads for Android app than for desktop.

          • If you can get one desktop software to sell thats mean approximately $100 but how much an app cost? .99 c! So how many apps do we need to sell to make $100, more than 100! And can we sell 100 apps in a month? :)

            • This must new serious app to sell for 100$ per copy. And I am giving my apps for free. Anyway it is not a big problem to sell 100 copies via Android Market.

  • hi kreci,

    Why dont you implement multiple ad networks?
    I am hearing good things about it becouse other networks have higher ecpm, and you get more per click.
    I guess trying cant hurt, and i am also curious if you also see higher revenue from ads.

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