Developer Income Report #7

Android MacBook?It is little late as I have been busy with some projects of mine but it is already here. My another income report. This time I will sum all my independent developer income made on January. As many of you have been expecting after Christmas time there is little slow down - especially as most of my income comes from ads. And massive investing advertisers target was December. Anyway I still have made some solid income and I am investing all my time to earn even more in future months.

My efforts has been invested to...

I have spent a lot of my time on application development. In January and February I have published two new applications on the Android Market. Moreover I have been hardly working on my new Android marketing guide eBook "Make Money on Android" that has already got some positive reviews. Thanks! Besides those I am preparing to launch and promote some web-based projects. But I will write more about those in future.

As an extra I have decided to learn what the Facebook phoneme really is as I have missed it until this month! You may check my efforts of making my Facebook page useful. Would be really happy if I see you among my fans! It looks that Facebook is even more exciting than the twitter that I really used to like. If you want to be updated with my efforts those two seems the best way to follow me.

So where is that income...?

Yeah... I know that you are here to see the money and not my Facebook page... So as usual (since last post) here is the list with the differences to my earlier report. Posted income is for January 2011. So here it is:

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In total in January I have managed to earn ...[PLEASE LOG IN TO READ]... It looks that this is the truth what people say that December is really good month for people who are making most of their revenue on the advertisement. My income is lower but it is still really good comparing to my previous full-time job where I was earning about ...[PLEASE LOG IN TO READ]... per month and had no free time for my family.

What about future...?

Currently as mentioned I have spent some time for developing some web projects. It will still consume a lot of my time but I believe it is still worth investing. Moreover I have just published my new ebook "Make Money on Android" that will be included in my next income report. Until now it is getting really good reviews so I am planning to work on this project and expand it even more.

You should not be surprised as well that as I have mentioned in my previous income report I am preparing to bite some part of iPhone cake. I have chosen the first described previously path - buying Mac - and I have already did the first step. I have my first used Macbook - bought on internet auction for about $400! I am still learning it and hope to release my first app in month or two. Like for now I am working on emulator and looking for some old cheap (even partly broken) iPhone to make some tests on hardware.

Are you still interested in my future adventures as a brave (or stupid) independent developer that gave up his day job? If so - stay with me to read my next report in about a month (and some other uninteresting posts before it)! Just make sure you follow my Facebook page or twitter account... or even my old-fashioned RSS feed... CU!

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  • Still impressive! How many total android apps do you have? Are they all very unique or spin offs of each other?

  • Would you be willing to share the number of impressions your ads receive per day in order to hit those numbers?

  • I am in the same situation as you are – only reversed. I left my day job because of the lack of opportunities in mobile development (the pay was the only good thing about it) and just started as a freelancer, but for iPhone development. I just finished the app for my first client, and now need to develop my website as well as develop my skills in Android development before my next project (fingers crossed!).
    I like the transparency of your reports. Maybe I’ll do the same thing one day. If so I’ll let you know ;)

  • I made $100 total (my share) with 10 apps (all about the same) with no marketing. It took probably 2hrs every day over 2 years to create them. I am hoping that my 4 apps on the Amazon market will make a couple of bucks. I personally haven’t had my phone ring at all for android-developer…. Kernel yes, but apps, nope…

  • Very, very nice. The best thing is stability – you have apps in market from a few months and they are still earning $$$.

    Thanks to you Chris I have passive income from Android too. Now I’m thinking about my second income stream – iStock vs Youtube. I’m thinking about making instructional guitar videos and setting AdSense for Youtube. Do you know some people who are making nice income from videos?

  • Hey, thanks for sharing another report. I’m wondering how much time you spend every week working on stuff related to your web income?

  • Hey KreCi. I like your blog. I’m also a developer, but haven’t really gotten into mobile development yet, but I’m leaning towards it though. Seeing your income in your own apps is really motivating. I like checking out your blog for these income report. I’m sure you will make more as time progress.

    One question I have for you is. Whats that wordpress plugin that you’re using for the facebook like counter. I’m going to put that in my blog too. Thanks.

    • If you ask about widget with counters it is my own plugin (check here). But I still need to work on compatibility with latest WordPress. And if you ask about Facebook under the post it is Facebook code put in the template (without plugin).

  • Hi,
    could you explain how you pay taxes using this app market?

  • Hi KreCi,

    We all know, top-scorers with big teams like Angry Birds rake in money with Android. Thanks to you, we have some insight on how all the other, smaller apps with only a single developer do – and yours are obviously doing great.

    I’m about to write some little apps myself, mainly for fun (Still keeping my day job). First I thought, if it doesn’t create revenue, I can deduce my expenses and losses from my taxes. Of course, a developer needs a computer, an android device to test, the newest Android pad etc.

    But after I read your story, It might even be real money coming in.

    PS: It’s a shame, that you can’t make paid apps in Poland. German residents are allowed to. How about a trip across the border? Sure got some friends to visit ;-)

    PPS: Wouldn’t that be a discriminating or unfair business practice within the European Union?

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