MiniUrlz – url shortening script


Very simple to install and use free url shortening script that will let you set up your own service in a few minutes. Front page design can be easily modified by editing just a one template file – “template.html” (front page HTML is totally separated from PHP!). It does not require any database to work. Submitted urls can be easily managed through integrated administrator panel.


  • No database required
  • Handle unlimited number of urls
  • Totally separated from PHP & easy to edit front page
  • Integrated administrator panel
  • Redirect all traffic from removed & non existing shortcuts (new!)
  • Click count & date of last click (new!)
  • Quick 1-2-3 setup (upload / CHMOD / Run SETUP.PHP)


  1. Upload all files to your server
  2. CHMOD following files and folders to be writable & readable by PHP (if unsure set 777):
    – “store” folder with all files in it (store/*)
    – “.htaccess”
    – “”
  3. Run “setup.php” in your web browser (for example and follow instructions

If you want to access administrator panel you need to open “admin.php” in your web browser and use login & password that was set during installation.


If you want to update script from previous version, you should overwrite all files except “template.html” and follow “Installation” instructions. You will not loose any previously created links. Just keep your “store” folder untouched.

Main page template customization:

If you want to customize your main page you need to edit “template.html” and “style.css”. Don’t forget to use {status_info} template tag. It will be replaced with system messages (created urls or errors).

Demo (live versions):

Donated installations (thanks!):

Here is the list of licensed domains of people that have donated to remove the footer (if you are not here and you think you should be please contact me):


To download this script for free please visit my download page.

Donations are welcome:

MiniUrlz is free of charge but your donations help to pay some hosting bills and motivate me to continue my work.

How to remove footer links from MiniUrlz front page:

As stated below (in the license paragraph) you can not remove or hide footer links without author permission. You can get author (mine) permission to remove it by donating €10 or $15 per domain. If you are interested please donate with button above and contact me (provide your domain name). You will receive new license file that should be uploaded to your installation. It will display your domain name instead of standard footer.

If you need more informations here is detailed post about removing MiniUrlz footer.


  • Version 1.0b – First release
  • Version 1.1 – Imroved installation script, improved links pagination in admin panel, fixed template function (closed BODY tag)
  • Version 1.1.1 – Fixed setup script. On some hosts previous setup might broke .htaccess file that cause script not to work at all.
  • Version 1.5 – New features added: Redirecting all traffic from deleted & not existing shortcuts, click count, last click date count, shortcut creation date.
    Code cleanup: fixed encoding, improved readability in administrator area, general code cleanup.


Script is released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. It mean that you may use, modify and redistribute this scripts for free but you may not remove or hide any links in the footer without author permission. If you want to remove links from your installed copy please read next paragraph.


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