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"Wp Stats" is an app for your Android device that helps you to access your WordPress traffic stats collected by "WordPress.com Stats" plugin. It is much faster way of reading all important data about your traffic blog than opening it in a web browser. It is fast and very secure as it use only your free WordPress.com API key to download data (you do not need to provide your password). After first setup it is just a touch of the screen to see your live statistics. Application is 100% free to download and use. On request I will be improving it and adding new features.


  • Read your daily page views, referrers, search engine terms and clicks!
  • 100 % free to download and use!
  • In constant development of new features (request it and I will develop it!)


  • v 1.0 - 2010.05.11 - first release
  • v 1.1 - 2010.05.11 - fixed descriptions
  • v 1.2 - 2010-05-18 - option for encrypted connection with API via SSL (https), improved descriptions
  • v 1.3 - 2010-05-21 - Strongly improved error reporting, Caching reply from server, Smart Refresh button
  • v 1.3.1 - 2010-05-21 - Some code cleanup (sorry for bothering you with updates but it prevent app from crashing in some situations)
  • v 1.4 - 2010-05-24 - Page Views Chart
  • v 1.4.2 - 2010-06-04 - More accurate chart
  • v 1.4.4 - 2010-06-15 - Fixed Android 2.1 problem (popup asking about API key), improved interface

To do (features to be added/improved/fixed):

  • Requests via SSL
  • More specific error messages
  • Improved caching
  • Charts (want more charts...? Let me know...)
  • ... add your suggestions in the comments ... :)

Screenshots & Movie:


Q: I got an error "API KEY does not belong to an administrator of the blog"
A: You need to use same API key you used during installation of WordPress.com stats plugin (not a new one - check it here). Moreover you must write your blog url exactly as registered on WordPress.com with "http://" at the beginning and without any additional characters (you may login and check it in your profile right here).

Q: It does not work with phone based on Android 2.1/Android 1.5
A: It does work. Verfied on HTC Desire with 2.1-update1 (+ Sense UI) and Samsung Galaxy with Android 1.5 + emulator with other Android versions.

Q: I got "API ERROR: ...xxx..."
A: Api errors are exact errors returned by WordPress.com. Usually it mean that you have provided wrong data during configuration (blog url or API Key).

If you believe that you have provided all configuration data right and it still does not work you may contact me with exact error description and I will try to help you.


As it is a free app all donation are welcome and very appreciated


You can download it for free from Android Market via direct link: "WP Stats" or you can scan below QR code:


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