Developer Income Report #14

As many of you already know I am publishing my monthly income reports each month. Here is another one that will sum up the August 2011. As I have discovered some new methods to make your applications more visible on the Android Market and have updated my "Make Money on Android" eBook with this tips - my income has been much higher than on my last month averages! So both my Android ads revenue and eBook sales have been pretty well in last month. Moreover new technique has been confirmed by many of you to work really well. Here are a few quotes from one of my favourite eMails:

Most of my apps went from 1000 to 3000 downloads a day.others from 700 to 1500.

Even one app went from 1000 to 7000 downloads a day and is now an a stable 5000 downloads a day !! and is in the top 50 in the entertainment section :).

My total daily revenue is now about between 70$ - 90$.

If any one of you want to make some guest posting to share your success story I will be happy to publish it on my blog. Just let me know! I am really happy I could help with such a simple tip! Of course all my techniques are 100% legit and are just using the system the right way! I feel really good that I can share my success with all of you and make a few more additional bucks. <AUTOPROMOTION> Just if you are interested I am highly recommending you my eBook for more details. </AUTOPROMOTION>.

So lets back to the topic. As I do not have much time lastly I will just make a quick summary for all of you who are waiting for my naughty numbers :). Are you ready? So here it is!

August Income Summary


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This month was the best from all when I have been generating only passive income! I had some close to that months when been selling websites but it was very hard and active task. Those are still growing passive income streams that gave me in total ...[PLEASE LOG IN TO READ]...! All made on my passive income streams that I could not even touch for a few months from now and it would still be making me quite a good money! It was my best month ever!

Now what...?

In my annual income report I have mentioned that I would like to double my average last year income. ...[PLEASE LOG IN TO READ]... With last month number I am already very close to it! Now I need to work little harder to grow my passive income streams and make them stable at this level. Hope I will be able to do it.

All your comments and emails supports me with my work and makes me want share my success even more. Please keep writing/sending those to me! In revenge I will try to write on my blog more frequently with some tips about Android Marketing and development. And now please leave your comment below...


Most of my apps went from 1000 to 3000 downloads a day.
others from 700 to 1500.

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  • great to see your android earnings now at 2000$, mine is at 550$ per month and it is stagnant at this only
    But seeing yours at 2000$, i too want to
    have that income
    will buy your updated ebook now

  • I love your reports. The whole thing is a sharp contrast with the VC culture and one hit wonders. You have multiple income sources, and 14 months show how committed and hard-working you’re kreci. You’re an inspiration, please continue.

  • Awesome !!! You are the man ! … great inspiration for me ..

    Cheers from Pakistan.

  • Congrats! I enjoy reading your updates. Keep it up!

  • I read your monthly reports all the time, great stuff.

    Just curious: how are you using Amazon Affiliates? Do you list Amazon products somewhere or just sell your own eBook?

    Thanks again!

  • Awesome numbers! I’m sure you will reach your next goal of doubling your annual income …

    thanks for sharing .. cheers ali

  • How much time do you spend doing support with that many downloads per day?

  • How much money did you spend this month on advertising your free android applications?

  • Hats off to you. You are one of my inspirations. Stay well and make money more in the coming days. Regards. :)

  • Hi kreci,

    I am thinking about developing a game, and making it free, with ads.
    What kind of ad program is the best in your eyes?
    And is it possible to make a living out of it?

    And another question which i dont get, are you also getting payments per impression of the ads? Or only per click of the ads?

    • I am getting paid only by clicks. If you can make a living – check my results and it should be answered by you if it is enough for you.

      • Hey KreCi,
        I am reading your blog since a month .. i like your work (except your apps :P :))) , I just wonder … you say that you are paid only by clicks but in “Cracked screen” app you have an option to hide a banner. If you are hoping for accidental clicks when users are going to click options menu … OK, else I don’t get it. Can you explain ?

        • I am never doing anything to get “accidental clicks”. It is all about app popularity, promotion and volume. No any tricks. Moreover there is no way to click a hidden banner. It is getting turned off until app restart. I have added that option as I have been asked about it by loyal users. If they are using this app often they know they can hide an ad. It makes my ratings much better than just a broken screen with an ad that is not as natural… don’t you think? It is not all about tricking users to clicks ads. No way!

          • Of course you are right! I was curious with my asking, didn’t meant to offend you or offend your work. Keep it up, with your work. Hope you will reach your targets asap :)
            I’m just like you – for a month reading and test writing I’m near to release my first OpenGL media app :) I even thinking about to buy your book, but it will be when i do it on my own to see how is it going.

          • Great response, and good business sense! If all you did was skim ad revenue off of users, they’d wise up quickly and ignore your offerings. Adding value to the “app market” as a whole seems to be working for you much like Kharma. Continued Good Luck!

  • hello Kreci, I am also watchful on ur blog since about last 8 months, you are really an inspiration for me. I have just started developing cross platform apps for mobile and making very little money on this.

    Your blog is a great guide for people like us.
    Keep posting.

  • Hi , i am currently using 4.1.0 Admob sdk , Shoud i upgrade to 4.1.1?
    I heard people reporting various problems. Are you using 4.1.1?

  • hello Kreci.
    哈哈 ,, 我想知道 你说的谷歌的一种常被人忽略的 那个推广方式是什么,能告诉我么
    我也想 那样。

  • very good! thanks you share you experience. I come from china.

  • Wow that is great. It’s great to see people earning on the internet. I’m a starter but someday I would like to make a living from internet. That is a dream job!
    Thanks for shearing

  • thanks…I come from china.谢谢你的分享..

  • oh! my god,Forget here to speak English, sorry, feel shy.What I’m trying to say……
    Ha ha,, I want to know what you said Google an often overlooked the promotion way is anything, can tell meI want that.

  • hey Kreci,

    yesterday I had $50 in admob, I requested funds transfer. they said they will email me for confirmation and all. Nothing really has happened. But today I saw in my account, my balance is reduced by $1, Accout Summary shows: Pending earnings: $49.

    Will you please guide me in what is happening. I cant figure out. Nobody replies in admob forum. Also let me know if when can I expect my $50 withdrawl into paypal.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @Alexa: There are no problems in upgrading the Admob SDK to 4.1.1

    I hv done it and runs fine with 2.1+ API

  • Great report and great numbers. I hope to be able to reach those number myself.

  • I bought your eBook two weeks ago. It helps me a lot. My income has increased dramatically. Thank you for sharing your experience. Wish you achieve your next goal soon!

  • It’s great to see how well you are progressing Kreci. I purchased your ebook, it’s the least I could do considering the income I’ve made through being inspired by your reports :)

    I also hadn’t considered your most recent tip to improve daily ad income, this alone was worth the cost!

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