Developer Income Report #16

Goal reached! My regular income still seems to grow. My lastly introduced in my "Make Money on Android" eBook method seems to be working very well (not only for me - check lastly published success story and comments). As you will see in the numbers I have no reason to complain. My current income generated online lets me to live in my country quite comfortably. Lastly most of my work time has been spent on Android Development. Preparing updates and some new software in preparation. Moreover I have found great way of increasing my productivity. Read this post further for more details.

Productivity boost method...?

As I have mentioned on the beginning I have increased my productivity last days. How have I achieved it? I have done one step I have been unsure for a months. I have bought an Android Tablet! That may not sound like a method for great productivity boost but in my case it was!

Thanks to the tablet I am doing hundreds of small tasks in a meanwhile. I am no longer loosing hours to check all news, tweets, reply questions asked via email or Facebook! Tablet is a way more comfortable than notebook or smartphone. Working on tablet is not so annoying as it may be on your phone. It has bigger comfortable screen and a way better web browser. Moreover it may be used anytime in a seconds (much easier than booting and using notebook).

I can work when I am boiling water in kitchen, watching TV or just waiting for something... 10 minutes here, 20 there and it makes all small task done in a meanwhile. It gives me a lot more time for development and harder tasks when I am at desktop computer. I am no more losing time for small tasks.

When you buy an Android Tablet - there is no way back. Just like with your first smartphone! So if you are still unsure I can say you only one. Go for it! You will not regret! And just if you are curious - Android Tablet of my choice is ARCHOS 80 G9 (Classic Version) with official Honeycomb 3.2 and Android Market support for a great price.

Show me the numbers!

Ok, ok... I know you don't care about my Android Tablet as much as about the numbers. So not to lose any more so precious time and place on my blog - here are my October 2011 income details. In previous month my income was:


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Total in October 2011 my income was ...[PLEASE LOG IN TO READ]...! Quite nice. Isn't it?

Goal reached!

In my Annual Developer Income Report I have set a goal of making income of ...[PLEASE LOG IN TO READ]... per month! It looks it is the second month with goal reached! The goal was set in August of this year and I have supposed to reach it in next 12 months. But it has already happened! I have doubled my passive online income in 3 months! I am starting to feel really comfortable with this income and feel really great with the thing I gave up my day job over a year ago.


My total income has increased and is looking really well. Unfortunately last month all income sources but Android ads are a way lower. There are quite a few reasons. Firstly AdSense - it has been removed from many sites to make them more clean. So I have expected it. Amazon income is almost like usual - it goes up and down each month. I have generated quite a few sales but all of them was rather a cheap items. What am I worried about mostly is iStockphoto. It looks than it will not bring income forever without adding new photos. It needs some maintenance and I will need to give little more time to it. "Make Money on Android" eBook sales depends from you. I hope you will help me to boost this numbers till next month.

So at all I am really happy with my total result. But have to work on diversification of my income. Just to have some more income streams to feel more confident every month and to be sure about stable monthly payout.

As usual all comments are welcome and strongly desired!

PS: Just in case you are not following my brand new Google+ account - check it out. I have just given away a free eBook copy!

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  • Great post and numbers ! When you refer to the Android Ads – are you able to breakdown by provider. I’m just about to launch my first Android app and have purchased your eBook (great read) but it would be great to know the breakdown of Ad providers so that I can ensure I put them in my app and order them appropriately.

  • Hi Kreci,

    Have you started the iOS development to deversify your incomes sources ?

    • Hello. I have not. Have even been thinking about giving up iOS. My macbook is still laying unused and I am very close to putting it on ebay… But I have not done it yet as I still feel I can change my mind in near future… Android is raising and there is limited place on iOS app store… so there are a lot of things to consider before spending quite much time to learn iOS development instead of creating new Android app. But as everyone knows iOS can be very profitable… But your comment gave me another shot to think about it. Thanks.

      • As you make more money, instead of learning iOS, just hire developers to port your apps to iOS. You don’t need to hire people full time, there’s pretty amazing guns for hire out there that won’t charge much.

        Start thinking like an entrepreneur.

        Congrats on your goals being reached, very eye opening that those shitty android ads actually work. I bet it’s mostly due to people touching them by mistake.

        • I think that mostly not by mistake. I am not putting it in misleading places and not placing any objects that should be pushed near ads. I think that those are more interesting lastly as advertisers are learning mobile market.

  • I’m interested in your choice of Android tablet. Why do you prefer the 80 to one of the 101 models? Is it just because your 80 hasn’t had any problems yet so no reason to upgrade? How about Archos? If you were buying a new tablet today for personal/dev use, what would you recommend? Thanks!

    • It would be same Archos. I bought it week ago and I am extremely satisfied. It is first Archos certified with Google (Honeycomb has to be licensed) and is done quite well for the price (maybe except buttons placement). I have chosen 8″ because it fits my needs. I have checked in the local store and 10″ feels to big (like holding LCD in your hands). 5″ or 7″ is little to small – and 8″ feels perfect. It holds very well, screen is very bright and clear and displays all it should in the full size without zooming in and out.

  • Hi KreCi,

    All updates you have done to your ebook are included when purchase it, or how can I get all updates you have done and future updates?

  • Congratulations on reaching your goal! As I’ve said before, you’re an inspiration. Hard and honest work, continuous improvement, multiple sources of income. Keep it up!

  • You definitely don’t want to “loose those hours to check all news, tweets, reply questions asked via email or Facebook!” You want them tight.

    (The word you were looking for was “lose”.)

  • Congrats Kreci, we have well wishes for you.

    Keep growing like this and keep us posted on it.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Your comments on iStockphoto make me wonder if the have some sort of algorithm behind the scenes that shows photos from more active users more often, and more passive users get placed further down the chain.

    It wouldn’t be surprising to see something like that in there, but I also would not have thought of it when beginning a passive income strategy.

  • Is Pontiflex performing well for you?

    • I am not using it on start as they suggest but for app registration only and it is only the test like for now. Not performing too well. Most propably will be removed soon.

  • How do you decide on the apps you should build?

  • Regarding the tablet increase in productivity.

    As I understand it you’re mostly using it to test apps instead of developing apps, correct? Or, are you using it for something else also?

    In that case how would it increase your productivity, you’re still developing them on the laptop, right?

    Just trying to understand better ;)

  • Really great to see you have been making such progress. Been following for a little while now and it’s finally given me the kick I need to get started myself. I’ve started to blog about it myself – more to keep me motivated really as I don’t expect any readers – but I just wanted to say great work and thanks!

  • Ads in your Android Apps is your biggest income stream, may I guess that your apps was online-apps?

  • Do you think that is possible to earn similar amounts of money with non-prank apps?

    What about games etc? Does it make any sense (pay-off) to put much more time in developing something more complicated?

  • Four grand a month from ads in a free Android app?!! Makes me want to drop what I’m doing right this second and learn how to program for smartphones.

  • Hey, congratz on your success. I just bought a few investment(A html5 game maker) and i want to put it on android marktplace but sadly i activated the account usin’ my parents visa card and i worry the income might go to their acc instead, How do i make that not happen? Thank you

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