Android Success Stories #2

Over a month ago I have shared two Android Developers Success stories of my loyal followers. Today I would like to publish one more email received by Android Developer that has achieved income close $1000.00 per month. He has been kind enough to provide screenshot of his Admob stats with exact description of his revenue periods. Make sure you read this post to the end for a chance of getting free copy of my "Make Money on Android" eBook.

Here is the screenshot attached by my reader:

And here is the story. Have a nice reading!

Hi KreCi !

I would like to thank you for having writen your eBook. That's also because of you that I can write this success story.

My first app was a chinese chess game. As you may understand, this app took me a lot of time ( about 2 months )... But I didn't published until my boss ( I'm an independant dev on my free time ) told me : "you don't already know what your users will want to have in this app, so just publish it and then, you will be able to prioritize the next features to add !" So I published the app... And that was a real disaster : many bugs appeared, the design didn't fit on many phones, etc. More important : many users gave bad ratings and bad comments. I was like shocked !

I just stopped developping android apps and started trying to understand what the global mobile users want and how to easily make money on Android. I looked at many apps ( fun, games, product, wallpapers, etc ) and many blogs ( yours included ). That's how I found my business model :D

So I began to test AdMob on apps and created my own app factory. I published my first "official" app ( not a test app ) -> the Magic 8 Ball. At this moment (1), my incomes where not really impressive ( like 10$ / month ). And I published another app ( the magic love ball which is just a copy/paste from the M8B ) and my revenues grew up to 100$ / month (2) ! I was already happy but still, there was something wrong in the process !

And I came again on your blog and bought your e-Book. What I discovered made me smile, I agreed with you on so~ much points ! Reading your eBook gave me back the courage and the hope :D

After that, I took a while to think about what other apps I could make and published 5 other apps. I began to translate my apps by google, added house ads and some other features etc. My revenues came up to 800$ in a month (3) !!

Then I decided to test a month without any update on the apps (4) and the result was about 500$ this month ( test failed :) ).

As a conclusion, I would like to say that buying your eBook wasn't a mistake and can teach anybody some important points and give more confidence. As Android developer is not my full time job, I'm very happy to earn 1000$ / month, I will continue to publish apps until I reach this goal !

I did pause my blog for a while, but I'm thinking about post more interesting things about marketing and maybe write my own eBook...

If you want to read me or contact me, please take a look at my blog : MDB Softwares

So as you may see it is possible to make money on Android. It is not the first story I have published and it is not a biggest success but it is another prove that you can make some real money with Android! What is a real key to the success are free applications written and promoted the right way! I hope that this post has motivated at least one person for trying their skills with Android and to make some serious money. If you have your own story I would love to hear it! Just use my contact form and I will be more than happy to publish it.
If you are interested how is my income - check my blog next week. My income from ads is growing like a crazy! I will post more information next week. Just make sure you have subscribed my blog via RSS, twitterFacebook or my brand new Google+ account (I will give away one free "Make Money on Android" eBook copy after being added to 100 of you Google+ Cricles!). See you next week!

7 Responses to “Android Success Stories #2”

  • Great story! It’s always great to come here and hear so many positive And. Dev stories
    Thanks for making this blog Kreci as it is very motivating to us indie developers.
    It is interesting that this user’s Chinese chess app failed, while his magic 8 ball idea was a hit! This proves an assumption I made that people are just more into fun, entertainment apps than anything else!

    I think the key is to work smart not hard, and be innovative without overcomplication

    I haven’t gotten your ebook yet…as I’m s broke college student lol. But I think its a great investment and I will get it very soon ;-)

  • How do we follow you on Google+? I don’t see a link anywhere…

  • Hi kreci,
    I was the person who get your free ebook by searching on google when you published your ebook on the first time. I’m sorry to tell that the first version of your ebook didn’t help me anything to increase my admob income. At that time my admob income was about 750-900$.And a month ago, when you said that your admob income increased by applied new method on update version of your ebook, I decided purchase your ebook. I really amazing with the result, my income increase from 800$ to 1600$. And now I can say that 20$ is very cheap for your ebook.I post this message from my phone. I will send you the screenshot of admob income later.
    Thanks kreci

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