Developer Income Report #10

Last month has been looking like some slow down in my income and traffic. Fortunately it was only temporary as it is getting better with each day now. Anyway I still made quite nice income and as usual my best money-maker is Android. For those who already know  my previous income reports there are not much surprises this time. Just some ups and downs in all income streams. So here is my April 2011 summary report.

Short and to the subject...

As I have very crazy and busy days now my post will be shorter than usual. Just on the subject as I know that a lot of you are waiting for this report. Last month I have been experimenting with some brand new websites. My main website I have been writing about in my post about building Adsense and Amazon blog from scratch has not been as successful as I have been expecting and is for sale on flippa now (right now there is a $60 bid).  Fortunately in the same time I have build a few more websites that now have quite steady search engine traffic.

So in April I made...

In April I managed to make following income (as usual with difference to previous month):

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In total in April I have made ...[PLEASE LOG IN TO READ]... It is lower than in previous month but it is still quite good and over twice as much as I have been making in my day job!


Faster than usual here is the conclusion part. As you may see Android is still making a good and steady income. I am not doing too much with my current applications (just use a few simple techniques from my ebook). Still had not published new applications but those already published are doing quite well. Meanwhile I have spent much time on increasing my Adsense earnings and you should see it next month.

Anything more...?

Just in case someone would be wondering where I bought this little cute Android robot from the photo on top of this post. You may get it from here for $2.59 with free shipping... Comments as always are welcome and strongly desired.

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  • Hi Kreci, Thank you again for another interesting report! You mentioned your adsense/amazon site did not do as well as you expected, but that you made more.

    Were these others in the same style/concept (wordpress+paid theme+paid articles) or did you try something new with them?

  • Ebook sales are good, and android income is in all
    months above 1000$ so that’s good enough for me to be inspired and believe in you
    ,,I have five apps
    In the market now, ,
    hoping a nicer tomorrow
    like you with them,
    Though I wasn’t able to
    get your due to debit card problems in india,
    I don’t have a credit card or paypal account,
    I love your income reports, , I have made 15$ the 1st month and
    118$ till 23rd,,, what can I expect with a
    income in the 3rd month, , any idea(just asking)
    (With 1 update of all)

    • It is really hard to say anything as I know nothing about your apps. If income is growing from month to month it looks you are on the right path.

      • Sorry I didn’t mentioned the apps,, my apps are answers, alloy wheels, touch
        Frost, baby toys, medieval axes and swords ,. You can see them by typing
        Xigxag in android market if u have
        Sum tym for a small guy like me,,
        Also the alloys wheels is giving me
        highest followed by baby toys and then answers and touch frost, after I
        Have added baby toys from entertainment
        to casual (games, as the competitor did) , I m getting better revenue
        From baby toys,,, and also similar to
        Alloy wheels( entertainment to racing), it has saw much downloads and that too
        with Gud ratings than previous,,, so
        this is all about my apps and the
        Alloy wheels will. Reach 10000 downloads
        In 2 more days. I m just curious datswhy asked previously, and now gave
        complete info

  • Nice report, it’s great to read about your progress :) Is there any reason why you stopped creating android apps when it has generated the most income?

  • Could you say why your AdSense/Amazon site didn’t achieve the success you were hoping for? What went wrong?

  • You mentioned that you’ll spent more time increasing your AdSense revenue. What specifically do you mean by that?

  • Still nice income, but what about future plans?

  • Hi kreci, look like you made lots of money from android apps. I’ve published my app too, but it didn’t generate high income like you (and not even close). My ad network return few money from 100k+ request/day and the eCPM ~ 0.06$( yes! it’s damn low) Can you share how to improve your eCPM on your app? And I look forward to buy your e-book too but it’s still too expensive isn’t it? Nice to know you ^^

  • Hi

    Thanks for your reports it’s been helping a lot, now I know that there is something over the dark horison.. :) did you enable adsense on your android apps? I’m sure you know Admob and adsense are now merged and for us it helped a lot with the fillrate issues we had. And if so did it make any difference?

  • Hei Kreci, I bought your book and It is very good, Now I’m making an app to try the techniques learned in ur book. By the way, are you still using admob in your applications? PLS Reply this question :D Thanks kreci :)

  • How can anyone know your those reports are reliable? It think it is kind of PR to promote traffic on your this website?
    If I am wrong, try to prove or put more concrete fact


  • Very interesting post here Chris,

    do you break down in detail how you’re making money from android sales as I would like to learn more about this?



  • Hi KreCi,

    I’m a program fan also, and want to make money after work.

    Hope you can make progress everyday!

    I have been clicking the ads in your page just for little support. :)

  • Hi,

    I have read your blog and was wondering what kind of applications did you produce. I am amazed becouse they are very basic. I think that if you write appliaction that makes more sense you would earn much more, and not to critisize you, but writing that your apps are not in the top ones is not the truth, they are just a little better then the worst ones.

  • The July is comming, why you don’t post the report of May or June?

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