Developer Income Report #6

Another month is finished so it is the high time for the summary of my monthly income. Since this post I will be comparing my monthly income accordingly to the previous month. You will be easily seeing increase or decrease of my earnings in each of my income sources. As I have highlighted in my last report (#5) I have mainly focused on Android applications development as it is the most passive (and highest) of my income sources.

I have been focused on...

This month I have been mostly focused on developing one of my new Android applications. It is still not finished. It should be ready till the end of next week. I hope that this application will fill one of the gaps on Android Market just like two of my other very popular applications. If I will fit the demand as I am expecting it should got quite many downloads without too much promotion.

Of course I am still creating only free applications due of two factors. First that I have no any influence too is lack of support for selling Android applications via Android Market for developers from Poland. Second is my strong believe that kind of applications I am creating can make a much more profit in a free version with ads. In future if I will be allowed to sell applications I am planning to add paid version with not much difference but lack of ads.

Show me the money...!

So here is the most interesting part. I think that many of you have not even read previous paragraphs but just scrolled the page to this summary... As it becomes a tradition I will start from lowest income source. This time as I have written on the beginning of this post I will add a difference to the last month. So here is the list:

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So last month I have earned ...[PLEASE LOG IN TO READ]... It looks that the earnings has been lower than in my previous report. But I think that it is still good as I have not released anything new (I am still working on new applications that are not ready yet). As I have written previously it is a lot more than in my last full time job where I was earning about ...[PLEASE LOG IN TO READ]... per month.

What about future plans...?

I am still really satisfied with those numbers but I am working hard to increase it in next months. Currently I have almost finished one of my new Android applications. It should be ready in next week.

Moreover I have hired a talented writer via to keep my niche blog updated to gain more search engine traffic (he takes $1 per article!).

Another thing that is on my mind is to make a few bucks from iPhone applications development. Unfortunately I am not (an)a (un)happy owner of iPhone nor Mac. So there are two paths I am considering right now:

  1. Buy iPhone and Mac as those are required to install SDK for developing iPhone applications and learn doing it (as I do not know almost anything about iPhone applications development).
  2. Another maybe easier way is to outsource application development via portal like and making sure that the idea will not be stolen just as described on "How to Make iPhone apps With No Programming Experience ".

Currently I am closer to second path as it would be faster/short term cheaper/easier. But I am still not 100% sure as time and money invested on first path may be more profitable on long run...

Of course as usual comments are welcome and very desired. Don't forget to subscribe to my blog updates to be notified of future reports & posts! You may be interested in my annual income report that should be published next week!

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  • I am the first ;)))), nice results. This is what I expected. Keep going…

  • Start creating applications for Apple platform is expensive. It’s not just developer license costs but also the cost of the hardware which you need to buy: iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini – the cheapest solution perfectly suited for writing applications in my opinion, of course.We should also learn a new programming language.

  • really impressive result. I’m started android 2 months ago, and I have released 1 app on market one month ago. Now, It has 2500 downloaded and has about 15.000 ads impression/day, but I earn only 16$ (about 0.8$/day for 40-50 clicks ), I feel disappointed about that result. I use admob ads network. Which ads network do you use, and could you share some experience about getting good earning from free apps with ads. I also intend to learn objective-C to program on Iphone and Ipad .

    • @Tani You earn only 16$ per month? This is tragedy. I guess that you didn`t hit with an idea for an application or there are already many similar. After month like that, man has had enough of everything. Good Luck!

      • There is no similar app on the market, but that app may be only popular in Viet Nam, and they don’t pay high cost for click from Viet Nam. Today I have just released another app, and I earned 5$ from new app on half day. I hope it will increase when I release some other update versions later.

    • 2500 downloads is not much. It is all about the volume. Try to develop new apps that may be more popular.

  • Not sure if you already do this, but you should use a cross-platform framework such as Titanium Appcelerator which use a different language (in this case, JavaScript) to write apps.

    It’s much easier than learning the native language or SDK since these frameworks build a decent level of abstraction for you.

    The key benefit is that you can publish to both iPhone and Android in most cases without much tweaking. The biggest downside is that the more complex functions such as 3D engine or advanced mapping etc are not as well supported.

  • You could always install OSX on your current hardware until you can afford legit mac hardware. Just saying…

    This is especially viable if you have an intel chipset with intel core series cpu or newer. (prescott P4s, atoms and amds need modded kernel – not so fun)

    Don’t take this wrong, I own several macs myself. As long as you buy some real mac hardware eventually I think it is a fun project for learning the platform.

    Gigabyte motherboards are especially hackintosh friendly.

  • Indeed Interesting…
    One question; I did not see any Amazon affiliate links on your current blog, do you write some where else as well.

  • dude try making apps for other companies (to get paid)
    or get hired at google :)

  • You appear to have no passion for anything you do. You maintain a ‘niche blog’ for revenue and underpay someone to write it. And you develop whatever just to generate ad impressions. This is a bit disgusting. You’re proud of this? Am I misinterpreting the tone?

    • I am doing a lot of other things for the “passion”. But I still need to pay bills and make a money for a living and I use my knowledge for it. It is called business… ;)

      • still there is a bit of truth in what john said, but all its own, this is a crazy world we’re livein’
        best of luck

  • I suggest not buying an iPhone until you have a “beta” quality app to test. You can do almost everything in the emulator, so you can buy a cheap mac mini or used macbook (must be intel though) and start learning. I have had an iPhone for more than 2 years, just bought my second macbook (a 15″ macbook pro) and am still far away from releasing anything. You don’t even need to pay the apple developer fee of $100 until you are almost ready to ship – and they send your developer code very quick, mine came 24 hrs after paying.
    So get a cheap mac, download the SDK and learn, learn, learn.
    Objective-C is very different from Java (my usual language) and the API is also very different, so it takes a long time to get used to it. Learn it in parallel with your current projects, I think it’s best to take it slowly to have time for the knowledge to sink in and don’t let the ball drop on you current android projects.
    I follow your reports as an inspiration, keep up the good work!

  • I agree with the idea that developers should develop apps for the passion of it and not only to make money.
    But I think that since he doesn’t have a day job and this is his main income source he is running after the numbers.
    I don’t know if it is a good decision for the long term.
    I have two popular apps, but my ad income isn’t that high, about 7$ per day. i’ll appreciate if you can show us the downloads and active users stats.
    Anyway, I believe that better money can be made by selling apps, and not by ads, but in you case it isn’t possible yet.

    My best selling app, is generating close to 100$ revenue. Much better than my ads revenue.

  • Could you please show the information about the downloaded, active user and income for each android app.

  • $1,709.42 from your apps is a pretty good income and much more that most people make in a year from Adsense PPC on their sites.

    What service are you using for the ads in the apps and is there much work in integrating them into a app?

  • English note: “hardly working” != “working hard”

  • Thanks a lot for sharing.

    One question: Can you please share how you market your apps? Especially the first few of your apps… Do you think it’s possible to get a decent hit without being a popular developer in the android market?

  • How many hours do you estimate you worked in the month?

  • where/how do you promote it?

  • During the 4th quarter the ad market is always very hot. You’ll probably see a drop of 20-30% now that it’s 1st quarter. Summer time is also usually slow.

  • First of Congrats for the result! I just started development for both iphone and android (I have both). Will go in the market soon. Need to checkout your app. I agree with you on the outsourcing part. Less time consuming and you can still get involve by either reviewing/testing or doing finish touch on the apps. Key part of making money thru this app business either in iphone or android is marketing now a days. The market on both is flooded with apps. I am outsourcing and planing on doing the finishing touches myself. In the meantime, I am reading up tons of marketing materials. Btw, I have the materials you refer “How to Make iPhone apps With No Programming Experience”. I don’t think it’s worth the money to download/buy it. If you google around or read up related blogs you can find out all the steps they mention in their ebook. Nothing special. There is another big concept you have to keep in mind since you started with Android. Android was first thought out and designed to be a mobile phone OS vs. iPhone came from iPod background which is primarily an entertainment device. I didn’t have this core idea and I wasted a lot of time. We should keep in touch. Good luck!


  • Is it not possible to use VMware + MacOS for development, probably not.

  • KreCi, another option to develop iPhone Apps, which I haven’t tried out yet, is to use the DragonFire SDK (which allows applications to be developed and tested on a Windows machine).
    Here are some sample apps:

  • Very nice. I was wondering how you go about identifying gaps in the android marketplace?

    • Searching all ideas I have or inspirations I find over Android Market – if there are no applications of some kind or there are only some of very poor quality – you found the gap!

  • How often do you release update version to place your apps on just-in list of android market ? Is it 1 week? I want to know how often can I release update for my apps to place them on just-in list. Because If my apps appear on just-in list, the downloading will increase so much. Thank you very much.

  • I have a story like this I am developing apps for Nokia OVI I developed one app until now but I didn’t imagine that i will get all this revenue. I really believe that i can live on this. and I am developing the second app.

  • are those earnings netto or gross?

  • Hello, can anyone guide me how to see earning from mobile app ad in your adsense account? I can’t seem to see any option as adsense focuses only on web based ad.

  • KreCi,

    Thanks for once again sharing your revenue figures. I’ve been getting inspired by your blog for 2-3 months now, and right now I’m working on my first mobile app product (for Symbian).

    All the best for your business, and please keep sharing your figures!


  • it’s time for report #7 :)

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