Startup: Tweet Randomizer – pick your follower of the day

Pick your follower of the day!It is a real pleasure to announce that my new startup twitter application is ready to be launched. is able to pick follower of the day for any twitter account. No signup, login nor twitter password is required. When you visit my new web 2.0 application all you need to provide is a valid twitter nickname for any account!

This application have been done mostly for fun, but it may have a few more functions:

  • It may help you to pick follower of the day for any twitter account
  • You may use it to attract more twitter followers to your account - as you will promote them (may be tweeted with daily basis or you may link to to get new follower of the day each and every day)
  • You may use it to pick winner of any contest made for your twitter followers
  • You may use it for "Follow Friday" if you are unsure who to recommend
  • It may be real fun to get known that you are follower of the day of someone famous!
  • You may leave comments about chosen followers of the day!
  • You may just tweet it!

Website have been finished and a few blogs have been notified. I hope that I will see some reviews of my new twitter service soon. If you can spread the world about this pretty new app or just tweet your follower of the day with a link to this website I would be really glad. BTW if you need some exposure of your twitter account and your website url you may follow @tweetrandomizer to have a chance to be picked as tweet randomizer follower of the day. If you will have some luck you will be promoted on the top of it's website!

Good luck and have fun.... and please share it! =)

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