When the project ends… Where’s my money?

If you are self employed or have your own company there is such a moment... Very strange moment. When you finish your project. You used to spent a lot of time working on it. Making it perfect. You spent a piece of your life for it... And then... Suddenly... It ends... Sometimes not so suddenly... you might be expecting it should end someday... But this moment always need to come. Sooner or later. So what's now? It looks that now you have no idea what to do...

You made a lot of work to finish your project. Now you are expecting to be graduated in some way... Get some prize... Huge pill of money... If you are working for someone and you have been doing a project for him you would probably get paid now. But what if it was project made by you or your company just for you? Such moment may really suck. You have done a lot of work and you get no pay back. Of course no immediate pay back.

I am talking about my current situation. If you follow my blog you may know that I have just gave up my day job and working hard to build my steady online income. Today I have just finished my another project (tweet randomizer). But it is not the end... Unfortunately it is not so cool when you are self employed. If I would be doing it for someone I would get my monthly cash plus some extra for finishing the project. But no when I am working for myself...

Project is finished but only in its technical aspect. People may use it and enjoy. But I do not get a single cent. It is a good moment to learn a new term. What term...? It is a "long term project". Tweet Randomizer is not very long term. But now I will need to wait some time. It got a lot of great reviews on blogs in all around the world (Thanks guys!). And it got some traffic boom on the beginning. But such traffic stops after a few days and now I need to wait before monetizing it or selling. It got a lot of backlinks from blogs so it should start getting a good rankings in search engines... But I need to wait for it... How long? A month? Two months...? Maybe more...? Nobody knows it. Just need to wait. And there is no money for finished project...

So what can I do now...? Wait to monetize it?

No way... It looks to be really great moment to start another project... =)

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