Earned $662.26 online since Monday! (in 4 days!)

I have promised you to make monthly reports about my online income since I gave up my full time job. It is quite a lot of time till next month... but I couldn't resist! As you know from my last income report in previous month I have earned less than $600. As I wrote then I have been expecting more this month as most of my work do not bring instant cash...

It's coming!

This week I can see great effects of my last month efforts. It have started on Monday. Unfortunately now I will expect a little slowdown but my monthly income should still be higher (you need to come back next month to see my full month income report). I am sure you are very interested in my income sources. So I will not keep it in secret anymore. Here is the list. This time to make it more fun I will start from lowest to highest source of income.

  1. Adsense - $5.50 - as usual just a few bucks - nothing special in here
  2. iStockphoto - $88.26 - as always really steady source of income.
  3. Website Flipping - this week I have sold a website for $260! Congratulations to the winner as it is nice website with a huge potential!
  4. It looks that my blog readers really like my report "PageRank 4 in two weeks?" published on Monday. My total income for it since Monday is $308.50! In this place I would like to thank to all of you for a great feedback! It means a lot for me! (Special price $9.95 for my blog readers - just in case if you would be interested).

So what...?

So it looks I am really close to my monthly income goal! I have mentioned here that anything over $1000.- would satisfy me enough to keep working as self employed. So it looks that till next month I should not change my mind :-)

What if...?

If I would stay at this weekly income level I would make $2649.04 per month (last 4 days income X 4 weeks)! Unfortunately It is not possible as I will have no more website flipping income this month (but I had some already last week =D). Besides income from selling websites, other sources should stay steady... At least I hope so. A lot depends from you as well - as really huge part is coming from my "PageRank 4 in two weeks?" report.


What conclusions should I add? I have just one thing to say. Never, ever believe people that are saying you that you can't make a living from online income! Just keep working and it will come! Of course I am not expert as I am doing it no more than 45 days and everything may change... But current effect is even better than I have been expecting.

You should feel as being warned!

If you want to follow my path, you must be ready for a really hard work. In most cases much harder than in your current day job... So be warned - it is not easy. But being independent is really worth it!

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  • This is great, thanks for sharing! Pls continue sharing your progress as so many people dream of leaving their jobs for an online income but are not sure of what to expect. Wish you continued success..

  • Wow. Thanks for sharing..

  • Avoid the “What if…?” line of thought. It will burn you every time. You’ll have a great day, then say to yourself, “Hmm…what if I had 365 days like today?” The next thing you know, you’re making projections.

    I try to assume 365 x my worst day. That way, things turn out much better than you expect :)

  • I have the feeling that you are lying, just to get more trafic on your website.

    • All amounts are real and read from my stats and accurate to one cent till today morning. Believe me it is not huge money comparing to other people who make business online.

  • Are you discounting all these numbers for taxes & expenses? If not, you’re going to be quite disappointed come tax time. I would also be interested in a post on your legal arrangement, what tax implications that has + how much you budget for overhead, pension, health care and how much money you have left in the end that can be compared to the ‘salary’ of someone working for someone else.

    • Thank for valuable comment. I have register one person company (self employed) in Poland. I have not included tax in this amounts yet. I will know my tax amount at the end of the month. Health care insurance is not so expensive in Poland for people who start their own business (for first two years it is something about $120 per month).

      • Gdzie takie ubezpieczenie zdrowotne można kupić? Czy jest ono tylko dla osób prowadzących działalność gosopdarczą?

        • W tamtym komentarzu dość ogólnie piszę o ZUS’ie, który dla nowych działalności gospodarczych wynosi trochę ponad 300 PLN przez pierwsze dwa lata – na pewnych warunkach. W stanach nie mają tego co my mamy z ZUS, tak więc tam płacą dość drogie ubezpieczenie zdrowotne (przynajmniej tak mi sie wydaje… :)

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