Increase your earnings with pretty links – Part 2

Affiliate EarningsYesterday I have been writing about affiliate pretty links marketing power (right here). Today I will learn you how to set it up. And believe me that It is really easy to do.

First you will need to set up a subdomain with your hosting company (or any other that manage your DNS). Usually you may set it up with your hosting web management panel (or ask you administrator to do it). When you have you pretty subdomain you may make your redirects with .htaccess. But then you would need to set it up for each of your affiliate links. But I would not suggest such solution as it is very time consuming and hard to manage. But there is a much better way to do it! It is your own URL shortening script.

Some of you might think in this place about some free url shortening services like or tinyurl. Sure it would work - but it is not looking as trustworthy for your visitors. It makes them sure that such link will redirect them... nobody knows where. Probably it would be even worser that real affiliate links.

So how can you do it? I can recommend you a free script called MiniUrlz. You may set it up in no more than 3 minutes. It is url shortening script that may be used for your affiliate links as well. It don't even need MySQL database! You manage the admin area so you may be sure your links won't be modified as it may happen in some public redirecting services.

In 3 minutes you may have your own service like mine:

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With this solution you stay on your own server and domain. In my case my affiliate links clicks have increased over 30% (my earnings about 15%). I believe it is really worth to spend 3 minutes for such big earnings increase.

Have you set up your own affiliate domain? Please share your ideas for catchy subdomains in the comments.

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