How to remove “Powered by MiniUrlz…” from your footer?


As most of you know MiniUrlz is offered as a free script. But it cost me a lot of time to expand it with new features, bug fixes and support for all of you. It is why I have decided to license it under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. It let you to use it for free under my conditions. And as most of you know my only condition to use it is to keep footer like this on your front page:

Powered by MiniUrlz © 2009 KreCi

But why?

You may ask why it is so important to me. It let me make my script and blog more popular. It brings two things to me. First: some clicks from your visitors. Second: search engine ranking improvement.

But footer can be removed!

Yes I understand that in some cases it may be not comfortable for you to display this footer. It is why I can let you disable it. Link on your main page is worth for me about €10 (or $15 if you prefer). If you donate my project with such (or higher) amount I would provide you a special key that will disable links for your domain!

How to Donate?

It is really simple! Please use the donate button in your MiniUrlz administrator panel and then contact me with your payment number and your domain name. I will send you a key with instruction how to use it. Use of the key is much easier than script installation - so you should not have any problems with it.

But if you will have any problems with key or donation please contact me.

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