How to start your own blog?

So you have decided to start your first blog? That's great. You are in a right place. There are three ways you should consider if you want to create a new blog. It depends from two things - money you want to invest and tech knowledge that you have.

Case 1 - You have no money nor tech knowledge

There are a lot of free services you may register and get a working blog in a few minutes. It is great way to start your first blog to try yourself if you are really interested in it. In this case you get a free subdomain (don't need to spend money on your own), free hosting for your blog (same as with domain... don't need to spend a buck!) and ready to use installed blogging software (don't need tech knowledge). To start it you should visit one of services listed below and sign up for an account. All will be done automatic after you will fill a few forms:

  • Blogged - one of most popular free blog portals brought to you by Google.
  • - You may get free blog with "" subdomain here. I belive it is best choice if you are going to start blog on your own domain and hosting in future as you will be familiar with WordPress script used for self-hosted blogs as well.
  • - another free blog platform.
  • A lot more you can find when you type "free blog" in Google...

Case 2 - You have money but no tech knowledge

If you have a money you want to spend for your blog you should follow this few steps:

  • Buy a domain name (I use Namecheap for all my domains... I really can recommend them as they are not only cheap but reliable).
  • Buy a hosting account (you may find some good customers reviews here).
  • Find a good designer and a guy to setup all scripts for you (WordPress is great choice as it is free, stable and have a lot of great plugins). You may find great freelancers that will do it for you at GetAFreeLancer.
  • Start writing your blog - or find another freelancer to do it for you :).

Case 3 - You have tech knowledge

If you have no money you should still follow Case 1... But if you have a few bucks you should... follow Case 2. But stop at the freelancer point... You have tech knowledge so you may setup all by yourself! If you are unsure you should read Famous 5-Minute Install to see it is not as hard to do.

I hope I have put you on right track for creating your own blog. When you setup your new blog you may find helpful my another post "Top 10 Articles About Blog Promotion You Should Read". If you have any more questions/suggestions please just comment this post. Best Luck!

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