Your Business from Garage to NASDAQ…? Don’t let your idea die!

I did it! Really! It was my first time! No... it is not my business on NASDAQ... At least not yet... It is my first time when I bought something in the world wide known online shop Amazon! It was a really nice feeling to buy something from guy who started his business in the garage! Jeff Bezos have build an amazing online business that not only gave him a steady online income but it is worth... sorry I am not sure about its value but I am sure it is worth really a lot... It was started in a garage and now it is on NASDAQ!

Unique business model...?

Nope it isn't unique at all! Amazon is a business model similar to most companies and / or websites that are amazingly popular online. Most of Internet giants have started their businesses from zero and now are worth millions. Why do I write about it...? Just to make you sure that you really can make money online! Huge money! And as Pat Flynn have written in his post about making iPhone apps you don't even need to be a web or software developer. You may outsource everything to a freelancers! So all you need is a great idea and believing in your own business!

Amazon really know how to make money!

Jeff have started from selling books and now Amazon sells almost everything. Their affiliate program is paying a huge commissions to thousands of webmasters that are promoting their website! And this is another strange thing! Amazon is known worldwide and it is still promoted and let others make money! I am one of guys that is sending them some traffic and to be honest I have spent to my first purchase more than I have ever earned there... (See my last income report for details...). So in total they still have earned a few bucks on me...

Don't let your idea die!

Not all ideas for online business are good! But if you have an idea that you think is really good - don't let it die! Just try as it can really change not only your life - but as Amazon did - it may forever change the Internet! How would it be today if Jeff would think that selling books by Internet is stupid time waster and that it can not make him more than just a few bucks... He tried, invested his time an money and look what he has created! To be successful you need to try doing something first!

Just if you are curious...

Some of you may be really curious what was my purchase on I have bought a last release of great book "Beginning Android 2" by Mark Murphy about programming for Google Android devices. I have already seen it and decided I really want to have a paperback edition for quick reference about Google Java Dalvik. And you may ask why I am interested in Android...? I need it for my next project that I do not want to die in an idea state... :)

Again... What's the point...?

If you have a great idea you must try it! You may never ever think about it as a time wasters! I am sure that Jeff have tried a few other businesses before he has launched Amazon. If you want to be really successful you may never ever give up! Try and work hard and success will come. The worst you may do is to stay where you are know and never expand! You always may be more successful than you are now. Just try!

4 Responses to “Your Business from Garage to NASDAQ…? Don’t let your idea die!”

  • yep Cris
    i agree with new ideas ,,,,but i think now adays new ideas need more
    professional thinking,,,
    in same time most of world wide web follow the free stuff,,,,
    & i see more internet web sites are spread & most of them have the same idea,,
    really i injoi your blog ,,,
    new idea @ every post ,,
    thnx man :)

    • Always all business ideas needed professional thinking and nothing have changed. I am sure that Jeff that created Amazon has been really prepared to expand his idea and to get investors (as he has got a lot of money from third party investors). So you always need to be professional in all that you are doing.

  • Nowadays, you must be super creative to have a good business idea that works.`,*

  • it is easy to get Business ideas, just look for a product or service that has demand and fill it-‘,

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