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Android Market – New Payment Options!

Today morning I have received an email from "Android Market" team about a new adjustment to Android Market legals. Email has been saying that I need to accept new rules if I want to keep my developers account active. I was very excited about this as I am still waiting when I will be able to buy and sell Android applications from my country.

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Want a Nexus One?

If you want to grab a Google Nexus One phone it is the last chance! As most of you may know (most of people interested in Android), Google has announced that they are no longer going to sell their awesome Nexus One phone (after they sell out). So if you want to have a phone that always gets latest Android updates almost immediately after release you should consider buying it right now.

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Android Market – are new features coming…?

If you have not noticed it yet on Android Market developers console a strange notification has appeared and is visible since a few hours. If you are registered Android developer you may read on your console following message:

"Sections of the site may be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance. You may view your list of apps and error reports."

Here is a screenshot with mentioned message:

They say about possible errors but I have not found any. Everything looks to be working smooth. There is no any info on official Android Developers blog.

Is it a forecast of some new features...? Most probably we will know it in a next few hours...

UPDATE 2010-07-20: It looks that the message has disappeared and there are no any new features...

UPDATE 2010-07-24: It looks that they were preparing for some new payment options... But changes are still not visible - post about it here.

WP Stats on Android!

I have been writing in some of my previous posts that I am learning to program for Android based phones. After many very long days of reading, learning and programming I am ready to anounce that I have finished and published my first Android application! And the best is that it may be really useful! My new app "WP Stats" can become one of the most used tools by bloggers who have Android based phone.

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