Google PageRank update in progress?

Just wondering is it google pagerank update in progress? Most of us don't care... or rather they say that they don't care about their PageRank as it is not as important factor in search engine optimization as it used to be. Anyway it is still showing you if you are going a right way. Moreover it increase website value when you trade links or just going to sell it. Additionally it makes your website look much more serious as not totally new but established with some good quality backlinks.

Let's back to the main topic. There were quite a few blog posts last days about predicted PageRank update. Previous one was on the end of last year (December 2009) and google usually updates their PageRank once per 3-4 months. So it looks to be a right moment. I have established some sites and got a lot of backlinks last months. Some of these site will be sold soon so PageRank update is really important for me.

Why do I think that PageRank is in progress? Because most (if not all) of google data centers have stopped answering about your current page rank. Some tools that you may use to check pagerank have its own cache so you may not notice it. And some are showing 0 (zero) pagerank for big and well positioned websites.

So is pagerank update in progress right now or is it just me waiting and wanting it too much...? We will make sure in a next few hours... If by chance I'm right - Good Luck!

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