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I gave up a day job to make a living from online income!

It is over a month ago since I have decided to gave up my day job. According to law we have in Poland I had to stay at work for one full month since first day of the following month (little complicated but it is how it works in Poland). With the end of the February 2010 I will be officially unemployed... But only for one day - till first of March - as I have registered myself as a self employed (created my own one person company).

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6 ways to make money as a web developer

Money onlineAre you a professional web developer? Or a beginner in this industry? Are you looking for some extra cash? Or for a money that will make you living? If you have answered "yes" to any of above questions (mostly it would be really hard to say "no" to all) this article should be helpful for you.

Below I will cover most of possible ways to make money online from web development. I am sure there might be more but in most cases it would fit to one of below categories. So let's start the list.

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